I get emails regularly from the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA). The emails are the typical media fare: So-and-so was elected to the High School Official's Hall Of Fame, or such and such school was awarded the Hey, I'm Cool, Look at Me Award.

I read them andndash; because they offer relief from the tedium of my other press-release emails andndash; but I rarely act on them.

Last week, an email came through requesting that all Twitter users submit their Twitter handles and then use Twitter to broadcast the results of high school sports.

Ideally the use of Twitter would allow quicker dissemination of the results of sporting events, and allow me to get my readers information more quickly.

Problem is, I don't tweet. I've never logged into Twitter, I've never followed anyone on Twitter, and I can't even remember to capitalize the name as I write this column. (I had to use find and replace to correct my mistakes en masse.)

So, I looked at the emailed list of all the sports editors and writers who would be using Twitter to broadcast the results of games. I realized that technology was leaving me in the dust. I realized that if I didn't want to be considered a member of the lost generation by the current generation, I had better step up to the plate, get on board and take one for the team.

I have a Twitter account.

If you want to follow the sports editor at the Pilot the handle to follow is @CurryPilotSport.

I'll tweet, hopefully regularly, and hopefully you'll be interested in following me.

It will be interesting, adding this item into my workflow. I'll have to constantly remind myself to tweet, because I'm not used to doing it, but it will be a fun ride.


Let's get the referees back on the field.

With the house renovation in full swing and having my electronics down until I finish the family room, I haven't had time to watch any football, but ... I can't help but hear about how poorly the replacement refs are performing.

I'll say it right out front: I'm a Seahawks fan. Have been since I was a little kid. I hate the Cowboys and the 49ers, and Green Bay is just a little higher on my list of dislikes than let's say, stepping in dog doody in a brand-new pair of shoes. But the Packers got robbed.

I didn't know what happened until a friend of mine posted in our fantasy football league's message room that he was grateful for the NFL forcing a PAT in Monday's game.

It made me curious, and so I Googled it.

How in the world could the referee miss such an obvious call? It was clearly offensive pass interference and Seattle shouldn't have had a chance to score a touchdown. It was a blown call to the nth degree and I'm afraid this garbage with the referees is going to do to football what the NBA player's strike did to the NBA in the 90s.

I'm glad that the Seahawks won; I'm not proud of the way they accomplished it.

Don't forget! Twitter is an instant communication form of social networking, so go to www.twitter.com and follow me by searching for @CurryPilotSport. If you need a tutorial, send me an email ... I read it all.