While the Brookings-Harbor Bruins boys soccer team may have faltered at home on Saturday, they more than made up for it on the road in Tuesday's 4-0 victory over the Coquille Red Devils.

The Bruins dropped a preseason home game to the Pirates of Phoenix, 1-5.

"They were pretty good," Wyatt Aldrich said of the Phoenix players. "Their defense was really good and it made it tough to move the ball upfield."

The Bruins lone goal was scored by Derek Hodge who took a pass from Luis Rodriguez and beat a Phoenix defender to score.

"Luis sent me with a perfect pass," Hodge recounted. "I shot the ball just as a defender tried to slide tackle the ball and it went in."

The Bruins refused to allow Saturday's loss to bring them down though, as they traveled to Coquille to defeat the Red Devils 4-0.

"We did very good today," Head Coach Gabe Anaya said. "It is a small field, so it was little crowded, but we kept the ball on the ground and controlled it."

The Bruins' scores came at the feet of two Bruins seniors; Alan Anaya with two, and Rodriguez with the other two.

"It was a good game after our loss on Saturday," Anaya said. "It let us know where we stand for the regular season."

The Bruins (1-1-1) will play at home against North Bend (1-0-0) at 4:30 on Thursday at the high school soccer field.