Larry Vincent shows no signs of slowing down. At age 76 Vincent has accomplished a great number of things including obtaining a master's degree at age 52, defeating colon cancer and claiming seven world titles in bench press and dead lift.

Vincent claimed another benchmark on August 12 when he set the Oregon State Power Lifting records for both bench press and deadlift in the 148 pound weight class andndash; qualifying for the world championships in both events.

The event, held in Corvallis, is a qualifying event for the championships held in Las Vegas, Nev. in November. 2012 marks the eighth time Vincent has qualified for the world championships.

Battling tendonitis in his elbow, Vincent was able to beat the previous Oregon bench press record by 50 pounds with a weight of 253.5 pounds.

Vincent's personal best is closer to 280 pounds and he is looking to improve on his lift at the world championships.

The old record for deadlift was 323.5 pounds, and Vincent easily beat it by 40 pounds with a lift of 363.5.

Vincent's claim to Oregon champion and record holder was bolstered by the fact that he was the only lifter in his weight class, but he was also awarded the title of Best Dead Lifter for the meet andndash; a title determined by formula to factor in the age, body weight and weight lifted to determine a winner.

Vincent attributed his continued vigor and vitality to his weight lifting training regime in a December, 2011 article in the Pilot.

"If I didn't lift, I would be crippled," he said. "Exercise is a great moderator of your body."

Come November, Vincent will look to improve on the world records he already holds.