The Brookings-Harbor High School girls soccer team concluded a week-long camp with a friendly scrimmage against players from Del Norte High School's soccer team.

The BHHS team brought two instructors, Tami and Chris Perkins, from Cliff McCrath's Northwest Soccer Camp to lead a week long camp that taught everything from soccer basics to advanced strategy.

"It was good," junior Karlie Gonzalez said. "The coaches who came know what they are talking about."

The instruction seemed to be effective as the Bruins scored five goals before the Warriors got anywhere near the goal. The final goal count found the Bruins dominating with a score of 11-4.

Jade Heredia had four goals, Karlie Gonzalez had two, and Siena Worthey, Crystal Rodriguez, Hannah Goergen, Iva Hart and Hanna Leonard each had one.

The scrimmage wasn't a game, but rather an in depth practice with coaches from both squads stopping play from time to time to setup scenarios such as free kicks and corner kicks to give their athletes time to practice specific skill sets.

The first thirty minutes of the match seemed as though someone had forgotten to tell the Bruins that it was a friendly scrimmage, and Head Coach Fred Juarez reminded the team at the half that there would be some stoppage to work on specifics.

"We're going to stop play occasionally," he said, "to work on plays and set things up, so listen for the whistle and we'll tell you what to do."

Junior Jade Heredia asked if that meant he didn't want them to go 100-percent, and he responded that he wanted them to give it all they had, but to stop when the whistle blew so they could work on things that were needed.

"They've only been practicing for two days," he said of the Warriors, "and they want to work on some specific things, so we'll set up plays, but when you're going, give it everything."

Midfielder Ruth Ferrer was happy with her time at camp.

"It was great," she said. "I learned a lot of stuff, including how to control the ball and finish. It was fun, but tiring."

Official practices for the Bruins begin on Monday and the season begins Tuesday, Sept. 11, with a game against Cascade Christian High School.