More than 20 young athletes between the ages of 8 and 14 flooded the gridiron for the inaugural Brookings-Harbor High School Athletic Power and Leadership Club's football camp.

"It's really fun and a good way to get better at football," 12-year-old Bailey Stamn said. "We're learning a lot from the coaches."

As a seventh grader, Stamn found that the best part of the first day of camp was coming out on the field for scrimmages.

"Coming out here and working on passing stuff was my favorite part," he said.

Eighth grader Nick Boynton agreed.

"It's fun, finally getting some routes and stuff," the 13-year-old said. "I've been waiting all year for football."

The first day of camp started with drill work on fundamentals before heading outside to put the newly-learned skills to use in a scrimmage situation.

According to camp coordinators Jr. Helme and C.J. Paxton, the camp has been a great success.

"Today went really well," Helme said. "We have a great group of kids and they are learning really fast."

The camp has a reward system in place for campers who perform well, or who show good leadership and sportsmanship abilities: Each recognized camper gets a skull andndash; the camp and club logo featuring an intense skull holding weights in its teeth andndash; for his shirt.

With the football season quickly approaching, the members of the club who have chosen to help at the camp are giving up what few remaining free summer days they have, but most see it as a good cause, and worth the sacrifice.

"Being around the kids and teaching them what we know," Paxton said, "is awesome."