Saturday marks the one year anniversary of my decision to make a lifestyle change by cutting sugar out of my diet. I moved to a system where I only eat when I'm hungry, I stay away from processed food and I eat what Paleolithic man would have eaten.

One year ago marks the beginning of me becoming a Primal Blueprinter and beginning a spiraling journey of downward weight and upward health and happiness.

I began my journey at 366 pounds with a goal of losing at least 100 pounds. After about sixth months, I had lost more than 40 pounds, I was feeling healthy, and I was happy with my lifestyle.

I hit a plateau though. I reached 280 pounds, and couldn't lose anymore. I sat like a boulder on the edge of a cliff that won't move no matter how much it is pushed until one day andndash; without any outside interference andndash; it just topples.

I dropped below 280 pounds two weeks ago, and since we packed up the house and my scale, I've not been able to check my weight, but it feels like I've continued downward.

I've not had added sugar in a year. At least not that I've consciously chosen to eat andndash; or drink. I've had some foods that may have had sugar in them, but in general, I've chosen to not eat any sugar.

One of the main questions I get asked when people are curious about how I've lost the weight is, "How did you do it?"

I tell them the truth. "I gave up sugar, and only eat when I'm hungry."

If they express any more interest after I've shared that much, then the first thing I do is caution them that they have to make a lifestyle change.

Diets don't work. I think anyone who has lost any significant amount of weight and kept it off will tell you that they don't.

What it takes to lose weight and keep it off is to change the way you live.

I've changed the way I live, and while I'm sometimes an 80-percenter, it is working.

If you're not willing to change your habits, then you cannot lose the weight that your bad eating habits have helped you gain.

I'm also not going to sit here at my desk and shout to the world that reading and following The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson is the only way to lose weight.

I've got a sister-in-law who has lost weight andndash; and looks and feels great andndash; doing something that isn't what I'm doing.

It's not about the type of plan you follow andndash; some are more effective than others andndash; it's about dedicating yourself to making the change that enables change.

To date, I've lost 87 pounds. I'm happier with my body and my ability to spend time with my kids.

I've been able to take hikes, mountain bike rides, kayak trips and river rafting trips and report on them where I may not have been able to before. At least not do it and enjoy it.

My wife also made a comment while we were moving stuff from one house to the other.

She said that the majority of the things that we've had to do in order to get our house livable may not have been something I could accomplish before I lost weight.

It's true that squeezing into tight spaces, crawling under the house, sitting in one spot while I built a custom shower and the constant drain on my energy levels wouldn't not have been possible without the healthy change in my life.

Here's to the next year, and the one after that, and the one after that.