With a long grueling season drawing quickly to a close the Brookings-Harbor High School summer basketball team is feeling the effects of their 28-plus games in the last two months.

"It's been a long summer season," Head Coach Chris Schofield said following the Bruins victory over the Warriors of Del Norte High School. "When I get out of bed in the morning, and I'm at my best, I'm only operating at 60% right now."

The Bruins are able to see the light at the end of what has been a tough but fun season.

"It's been fun," senior-to-be Lakota Hatcher explained. "It feels like we're working harder this year than we did last. But, we need to stay focused on working hard."

The Bruins have been far from perfect in their summer ball schedule, but being perfect has never been the goal, according to Schofield.

The team uses the summer program to face teams that they wouldn't see during the regular season and work on developing and honing their offense and defense, according to coaching staff.

The Bruins are hosting the BHHS Beat the Heat tournament for the fourth year running and have a tournament record of 3-2 headed into the final day of competition today (June 27).

The Bruins won their first game over Myrtle Point with a score of 48-19, before losing their second game on Monday, 22-38, to Phoenix.

The began Tuesday morning with a 44-57 loss to Grants Pass, that was closer than the score indicated, according to Schofield.

"We played harder than we have any other game this tournament," he said. "Then right at the end they pulled away from us."

The Bruins extracted its pound of flesh in revenge on the South Medford team as they cruised to an easy 58-48 victory.

Their final game Tuesday came against cross-border rivals Del Norte, which they won 42-28.

The Bruins will play today at 11:50 a.m., and 2:10 p.m.