While the Bruins don't have to travel as far for camp as some of the teams coming to the Gold Beach Football Team Camp, they still are bridging the distance from working as individuals and working together as a team.

"It's pretty good," Tyler Marrington said. "It's been fun working with teammates and learning what we need to do for the season."

Working with teammates is one of the key tenets of the camp, with most of the activities run on a team level, by the team's coaches.

"A lot of it is bonding as a team," Head Football Coach Joe Morin said. "The younger kids are really coming up and learning their roles, and we're working hard."

The Bruins have been traveling back and forth to camp since the weight lifting competition on Saturday and will conclude their week of instruction and bonding with an awards presentation tonight (June 27).

While it makes for a tiring week, the players find it worth it.

"It's definitely helpful," Marrington said, "and makes the difference between winning five games or six."

The Bruins were undefeated through Monday night in the passing league portion of camp which pits them against other camp teams in a 7-on-7 format passing-only game.

The Bruins' offense was virtually unstoppable behind quarterback Jr. Helme, and the defense was able to snag four passes out of the air in Monday evening's game to stop their opponent multiple times.

The camp not only allows the team to bond together, it also provides an opportunity to see teams andndash; including their offense and defense andndash; that they may not see in the course of the regular season.

The camp is hosting 34 teams spread over three weeks with teams coming from as far away as Alaska and including Oregon, Idaho, California, Alaska schools as well as a football team from Canada.

The first week of camp wraps up Wednesday, with teams packing and leaving Thursday, only to begin week two on Saturday.