The Curry Coastal Pilot

The top tourist draw of the Southern Oregon Coast is undoubtedly the jet boat rides on the wild and scenic Rogue River, starting in Gold Beach and going upstream from the ocean 32 miles to Agness and well beyond.

The company recently purchased rival Rogue River Mail Boats and merged the two companies under the name Jerry's Rogue Jets.

The company offers a 64-mile round trip to Agness, an 80-mile whitewater trip and a 104-mile trip well into the wild river section of the Rogue, where other power boats are forbidden. The company has special permits issued by the Forest Service.

Trips are offered from May 1 into October, with the heaviest schedule in July and August.

The passengers seem equally excited by the wildlife along the river, the wild river itself, and the ride on the powerful boats. Even on poor wildlife viewing days, most people will see plenty to get excited about, officials said.

From mid-July to the first part of September, during blackberry season, riders will see the most black bear.

Otter, deer, bald eagles, beaver, osprey, elk and turtles are often spotted.

Jerry's Rogue Jets was started by brothers Jerry and Laden Boice, who convinced their older brother Court Sr. to become one of their first pilots. They started with just two boats.

Three of the company's whitewater pilots are grandsons of Jerry.

The company started with flat-bottomed wooden boats, each using a single engine. The pumps suck in water in their grates and push it out the back. Today's boats are aluminum and use triple engines that produce a lot of power.

For more information about Jerry's Rogue Jets and Rogue River Mail Boats call (800) 451-3645, or visit