When Brookings-Harbor High School Athletic Director Jon Young began to look at how BHHS sports programs recognized the contributions made by alumni to the high school, the community and the world at large, he found it lacking.

After closer examination, he realized he could rectify the situation by creating a hall of fame that would allow the school and the community to recognize those athletes with a permanent honor.

"I was asked to present when our former athletic director Pete Payne was inducted into the Gold Beach High School Hall of Fame," he explained. "It got me thinking that we needed to have something that Brookings-Harbor could use to honor those athletes who have been successful in sports, and in life."

Young put together a committee of local citizens to draft bylaws and create criteria by which BHHS graduates could be nominated to the Hall of Fame.

Now that the criteria have been finalized, Young is looking for nominations from the community to allow the Hall of Fame committee to select the inaugural class of BHHS Hall of Fame inductees.

"The only way for the Hall of Fame to succeed is to get nominations from the community," Young said. "The community knows the athletes way better than we could ever hope to as a committee.

"Without names, we can't make the Hall of Fame selections."

The criteria for the selections are in the following three areas:

A. State champions andndash; nominees must have been a state champion in an individual event, or as the member of a championship team in any OSAA-recognized competition.

B. All State andndash; nominees must have been selected to an All State team in any OSAA-recognized team sport by an officially sanctioned All State selection board.

C. General Contribution andndash; nominees can be those who have made significant contributions and/or brought honor and fame to Brookings-Harbor High School programs through their outstanding achievements, or post high school athletic careers.

Deadline for nominations is Monday, May 28, and forms can be picked up and dropped off at the Brookings-Harbor High School athletic office, or at the Curry Coastal Pilot office.

Any questions should be directed to the Hall of Fame Committee Chairman, Jon Young, at 541-469-2108.