Saturday night saw more than 30 fighters from all over the West Coast

converge on Cher Ae Heights casino in Trinidad for an evening of blood,

bruises and knock outs in the 20th semi-annual So You Wanna Fight Cuz

You Think You're Tuff competition.

Among those fighters were two Brookings residents, Ray Mazyck and Andy

Frost who were willing to risk it all for a shot at fame and glory.

Mazyck, whose ring name is The Beast, entered the ring with a fanatical gleam in his eye that seemed to say, "I'm gonna win it all."

Mazyck controlled the fight from bell to bell with multiple take downs and plenty of ground and pound action to keep the crowd pumped up and cheering.

Mazyck was able to slam his opponent Andrew Moore into the mat, almost knocking him out, but Moore recovered enough to last the full three minutes.

The judges awarded Mazyck with a unanimous decision at the end of the three minutes and he claimed his first win in SYWF fights.

"I haven't been preparing at all," Mazyck said of his fight. "I got back from school about a month ago and started hitting the gym but I haven't been working on anything specific. It feels good to get the win, but I probably should have been working on my sparring a little bit more."

Frost, whose ring name was "My Time," faced Kipp Lewis in his first fight of the night, and while the pre-game ritual engaged in by both fighters may have seemed pedantic with both fighters switching stances to get an advantage over the other, Frost came out and showed that it might just be his time to win the prize.

Frost controlled the fight, rarely getting hit and was just seconds away from tapping out Lewis with a rear-naked choke when the 30-second ground clock wound down and the fighters were stood up.

Frost continued to control the fight, landing blows that raised welts all over Lewis' face, but couldn't get the knockout.

In the end Frost settled for a unanimous decision by the judges to advance him to the next round.

As the semifinal round of fighting came closer Frost was forced to make a difficult decision: continue fighting and risk serious injury or pull himself from the fight and give up a chance for the top prize.

Frost choose to pull himself out of the fights and take the time to heal rather than risk getting seriously hurt.

"I'm not going to risk getting knocked out over a leg injury," Frost said. "I just got a new job and I can't risk that."

According to Frost, while taking Lewis down in the first round of fighting he had tweaked his knee enough to know that he needed to not chance serious injury, and while he was cleared by the medical team he knew the smart thing to do was call it a night.

"I didn't really feel it during the fight," he said following his decision. "I didn't notice until I got cleared by the medical team and went to sit down criss-cross applesauce and fell over because my knee gave out."

Frost looks foward to six months from now when he'll be able to come back and claim the title and some money that he's had his eye on for a while.

In Mazyck's second fight of the night he faced eventual champion Derick Bartlemay and got knocked out by a right hand that connected around the two-minute mark.

After Mazyck was revived he could be heard to say, "I had fun. That's all that matters, I had fun."

The next SYWF fight night is scheduled for early November and any interested fighters are urged to call 877-215-1340 or visit to register.