I'm not sure it is appropriate to call someone who turned 36 on Monday an old dog, but I'm going to do it anyway, because in dog years andndash; 252 of them andndash; and football years andndash; ready to retire andndash; Peyton Manning is an old dog.

He is not as old as, let's say Warren Moon, was when he retired at 45, or Brett Favre was when he retired at 42, but he is old in body with a nagging neck injury that kept him out all of last season.

An interesting note andndash; 2011 found the Indianapolis Colts going 2-11, only the second time since Manning joined the team in 1998 that the team didn't have 10 wins.

Now the Manning flag is flying at 5295 feet in the rarified air of Denver's Mile High Stadium.

Only two issues with Manning being willing to play with the Broncos. One, he should just retire. And two, what about Tebow?

For me, it's just the same as when Favre left the Green Bay Packers after playing for them for all but the rookie year of his career to that point.

If a team has had the desire to stand by a quarterback and not trade him in this age of slick wheeling and dealing, then I'm of of the mind to see that quarterback call it good when they get put out to pasture.

Manning has had a successful career and he made a ton of money over his 13 years as a Colt, so he probably is not playing for the money.

So rather than take a chance at injurying his neck again, and possibly ending his life as an upright walker or just simply ending his life, he should help the Colts develop the next quarterback star. Oddly enough that is what Elway has already done for the Broncos, where Manning is headed.

Manning is most likely playing for Denver because he loves the game and doesn't feel like he is ready to be done, but the average age of retirement for NFL quarterbacks is around 34, according to a Sports Illustrated article, and he is there. There would be no shame in retirement.

And, if he is struggling for money, he could always open a used car lot.

The other problem I have is, what happens to Tebow?

Elway has never felt that Tebow is the quarterback of the future for the Broncos, because he's so erratic, according to a report from ESPN, but Tebow took a team that was struggling (1-4) under Kyle Orton, and led them in a couple of great comeback wins and almost made it to the Superbowl.

Obviously Tebow was good enough to take over a struggling team and lead them to a record of 7-4 with a post season loss to the Superbowl-second-place finishing New England Patriots.

I think the lack of respect the program in Denver is showing Tebow is despicable. The guy bailed you out of a losing season. Yeah, he isn't perfect but give him a chance to play a full season and grow into the job a little bit.

I'm projecting that the Broncos will regret their decision before too long into the 2012-2013 season.

Oh, and what is the deal with bringing a retired number out of retirement?

I don't care if you've worn a number since you came out of the womb, or if Frank Tripucka said you could take the number to heaven, you need to not be so full of yourself that you tread on the reputation of someone who did enough to deserve having their number retired with any particular team.

Party foul Peyton, party foul.