Saturday's All-Star basketball games were more about having fun and getting the top players on the Southern Oregon Coast from 11 different schools together in a game that they wouldn't play otherwise than it was about the score.

Sophomore Mallory McDonald and seniors Brianna Juarez, Nick Corpening and Tyler Wood all made the two-hour trip to Southwestern Oregon Community College in Coos Bay to participate in the 3rd Annual South Coast High School All-Star Basketball Series.

"It is really an honor to be selected for this," Corpening said. "Now I just need to get the win and go out with a bang."

Unfortuneately, Corpening's team failed to add enough to his 11 points and the Red team lost 78-68. Corpening's points all came in the final 10 minutes of the game, but it was too little too late.

Bruin teammate Wood had 6 points to help the Blue team in their victory.

"We got the 'W,'andthinsp;" Wood said. "It was good."

The game was bittersweet for Wood and the other seniors as it was the last organized basketball game they'll play as high school athletes, but it was a great game.

"It's weird that high school basketball is over," Wood said, "but I'm going to try and play in college."

In the girls game, McDonald played point guard for the Red team and was able to score 8 points on the evening, helping lead her team to a 57-52 victory.

The girls game seemed more physical than the boys game, with more fouls called and more bodies ending up on the floor from hard fouls than the boys game.

Juarez had 4 points for the Blue team, but defensively had a stellar game with a number of blocks and forcing turnovers to keep the Blue team in the game.

The game was played before a sellout crowd in the gymnasium on SWOCC's Coos Bay Campus.