It's National Pi Day. Have you got the area of your circle figured out?

It's also National Learn About Butterflies Day and National Potato Chip Day, so break out your favorite bag-o-death, walk in a circular pattern and contemplate the dearth of butterflies in our particular location.

As for me, I'm going to be rejoicing in the plethora of sporting activities that are soon to come my way.

Baseball spring training is under way, which means that my fantasy baseball teams will soon be sliding into mediocrity due to my inability to draft quality players.

I've got two groups with whom I participate in fantasy baseball andndash; a group of friends from my childhood and a group of friends from my adulthood.

One is a rotisserie league where the goal is to put together the best stats over the season, while the other is a head-to-head league.

In the head-to-head league all you have to do is accumulate a better collection of stats than your opponent each week, and you win.

March Madness begins in just two days andndash; unless of course you are a WKU/MVSU, or BYU/Iona, or CAL/USF, or Lamar/Vermont fan. Then your madness began yesterday.

I love March Madness because it really is the only time in college sports that Cinderella stories are the norm rather than the exception.

I love March Madness so much that I set up a bracket group for any Pilot reader to join if they would like.

Go to http://tournament. and follow the instruction to join a private group.

The group ID is 160356 and the password is pilot. The deadline to enter is Thursday morning by 9:15 a.m.

Anyone with a more correct bracket than mine will have bragging rights for a year. There may also be a doughnut in it for you, or something.

Really, I don't think anyone will be able to surpass my wisdom of picking BYU to go all the way to the championship game only to be beat by Notre Dame. The classic Mormon/Catholic battle for supremacy writ large.

Actually, I was very conservative this year in my picks. I picked a couple of upsets, but they didn't make it past the second round in my bracket and I've got ______ going all the way. I can't tell you until you've submitted your picks, but it's a doozie.

The last drop of oozing goodness coming from the sports world is the Summer Olympics.

Yeah, yeah, I know they aren't scheduled to begin until the end of July, but once school is out, I'll be in a sports drought locally.

Don't get me wrong, watching baseball is fun, but there needs to be a little spice in life, and with the U.S. Olympic track and field trials being held at Hayward Field in Eugene beginning June 22, I'll be adding all kind of spice to my life.

I love the Olympics. I love baseball. I love butterflies, and I love circles.

Potato chips? Not so much, but I'll take a bag of baked kale with olive oil and sea salt, please.