The Brookings-Harbor High School girls basketball team dropped 19 points in the first quarter Friday night on their way to a 63-28 victory over the Bandon Tigers.

"Our team did really good," senior Brianna Juarez said following the game.

Juarez had seven points and a number of rebounds on the night, but was outshone by fellow senior Kambri Coleman who splashed 21 points on the board with a 3-pointer in three of the four quarters she played.

"They played well," Head Coach Chris Schofield said. "I'm really pleased with them tonight."

The first quarter was a smash-and-grab job as Bandon couldn't break the Bruin press and turned over the ball numerous times, which resulted in fast-break points for the Lady Bruins.

The Bruins kept the flames lit under the boiling pot that was the Tigers' offense in the second quarter and scored 16 while limiting their opponent to just two.

The third quarter saw the Bruins pull back into a zone defense and slow the game down a little. The Hatcher sisters provided all of the scoring in the third, with Lakota putting in six of her eight and Shawndee dropping two.

The Lady Bruins caught fire in the fourth quarter, scoring twenty with spot-on shooting by Coleman and co-senior Maysea Young who had 10 points for the game.

"The world is always better when you shoot well," Schofield said. "And we shot well tonight."

Other key contributors: Josey Glazebrook, six; Whitney Floyd, four; Mallory McDonald, three; and Iva Hart, two.

The Lady Bruins will face the Lady Bobcats of Myrtle Point in the tournament championship game at 5 p.m. tonight (Dec. 10).