The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) is broken. Or is it?

Boise State University's coach Chris Peterson seems to think it is.

Of course, a final BCS rankings announcement without a complaint from someone in the Bronco's camp wouldn't be a rankings announcement at all, now would it?

BSU fired up its complaint train a while back and it keeps on chugging away.

"Everybody is just very tired of the BCS," Petersen said in a recent interview. "I think that's the bottom line. Everybody is frustrated. Everybody doesn't really know what to do anymore. It doesn't make sense to anybody. I don't think anybody is happy anywhere."

BSU complains every year. It never stops. And while it drives me nuts, I have to agree just a little bit.

Why should the Broncos, who are ranked seventh in the nation, be skipped for a bowl berth when a team like Virginia Tech andndash; ranked 11th andndash; gets a berth?

Virginia Tech? They lost twice to Clemson, which is ranked 15th. It makes no sense, unless there is a bias in the BCS against teams that never face tough competition.

(And yes, Boise fans, I'm talking to you: Your team never faces tough competition.)

I know, I know, you'll call up the BSU/Oregon games where the Broncos won, and you may even point out the game against 19th-ranked Georgia at the beginning of this year, but their division is garbage.

At least Oregon is in one of the top-five strongest divisions in the country.

With the exception of Boise State and TCU, teams of the Mountain West Conference rarely break into the top 25.

Personally, I think the BCS should have a playoff system, and make each of the playoff games bowl games.

By making each of the playoff games leading up to the national championship game into bowl games, it keeps the revenue that opponents of a playoff system claim will be lost.

Take the top two teams from each conference, throw in some wild card teams, mix it all together and you've got some college football playoffs.

Seed the teams based on strength of schedule, win/loss record and division status andndash; throw in first round byes for the division champions or something to protect the championship teams andndash; and then pit them against each other.

MAACO still gets its name on a game, Tostitos still gets to sell some chips while football fans watch the Fiesta bowl, but fans get a true champion, just like they do for basketball.

It's doable, they just need to do it.

Speaking of bowls, where have all the purists gone?

I'm so glad the Rose Bowl is just that. Rose Bowl. Plain and simple, no branding attached by a commercial entity, other than "Presented by Vizio."

The only other bowl game to do the same is the Military Bowl, presented by Northrup Grumman, which will see Air Force take on Toledo.

Why can't they leave well enough alone? We will all know who sponsored the bowl game when we watch it. If they could just come up with a sweet name for each bowl game and leave it alone, I'd be happy.

I'm sorry, but the Gator Bowl just doesn't do it for me. Leave it at Gator Bowl.

Most of the bowl games had cool names to begin with, and now it seems like the company sponsoring the bowl game owns it. Which simply isn't true.

We the fans should own it, but what do I know? I'm just the caboose on this complaint train.