"Some things stay the same every year," girls' basketball Head Coach Chris Schofield said. "Win the league title, make it to the playoffs."

The Bruins girls basketball team is itching to make those goals reality and is preparing every day for victory.

"We're going to have to work really hard to get back to Gill," senior co-captain Brianna Juarez said. "Last year it was obvious how good our team was. This year, if we don't work hard, we're not going to get there."

According to Schofield this year's team has worked harder in the first two weeks of practice than last year's team that went two-and-out at the tournament.

"For all the success we had last year, we had some really good leadership," Schofield said. "Don't tell those girls this, but we've practiced harder this year than we did last year."

Co-captain Maysea Young agreed.

"I think we are a lot harder working team this year than we were last year," she said. "We've already proven that in our first couple of weeks of practice, that we're working harder."

All of the returning seniors are able to make those claims, because they played on last year's team.

The Lady Bruins' leadership team this year is four strong and made up of the only seniors on the team: Juarez, Kambri Coleman, Young and Whitney Floyd.

As co-captains they are responsible for leadership on and off the court and some of the team decision-making processes.

The Bruins graduated five seniors from last season and are looking to fill some spots on the team.

"This year we have some question marks where we had position players last year," Schofield said. "Everyone of our players could be something special, but we need three or four to reach their potential.

"If they can all be special then, wow, we'll be something special."

As far as the team's focus goes, they want to win a title.

"Having a season end with a championship would mean a lot to me," Coleman said. "I don't want to go out unsatisfied. I'm going to give everything I can, and everyone on the team is going to too."

The team opens the season with a tournament in Fortuna, Calif., that brings together some talented teams from all over Southern Oregon and Northern California, according to Schofield.