The Brookings-Harbor High School boys and girls basketball teams took to the wood Monday night to iron out any ruffles before beginning their preseason schedule this weekend.

The Bruins' coach staff threw a couple of wrinkles into what is usually a junior varsity versus varsity game during the BHHS Blue and Gold game Monday night.

Each game lasted five quarters with 10 minute running halves and while the girls kept a running score, the boys' score reset every quarter.

As the game was just a chance for the community to support the Bruins and for the coaches to finalize player positions, scores didn't matter andndash; neither did winning.

Girls team

The girls team played a wide assortment of player combinations and, what started out andndash; and ended andndash; as an all-varsity blue team took home the victory 45-32.

"I feel like we did good," senior Whitney Floyd. "Our energy was good, but we need to work on our ball handling." 

Girls Head Coach Chris Schofield agreed with Floyd on how much ball-handling work needs to happen and added that they would need to work on being in shape enough to run their full-court press for at least 32 minutes a game.

"You have to work your butts off," he said. "We have to be in shape enough to run gold 32 minutes a night."

Schofield was happy with some of the things he saw Monday night but acknowledges that things aren't perfect.

"I like being something special and I hope that your looking for it too," he said as he addressed the team after the final whistle blew. "I believe we have the components right now to be special."

Boys team

"We wanted to work out some kinks and see in a game atmosphere what works and what doesn't," boys' Head Coach Jon Young said following the boys' five-quarter game. "Saw some good things, but we have a lot to work on."

The boys squad pitted the varsity against the junior varsity for a quarter and then while members of the team met with Young other split and kept playing the game.

An official score was not kept and because the squads kept changing so much it wouldn't have mattered if a score was kept.

"We need to get in the gym earlier in the morning," sophomore Calvin Watwood said. "It felt a little rough, didn't feel ready."

Both teams have just a short amount of time to be ready for real games andndash; they travel to Fortuna, Calif. for a tournament on Thursday.

Fans unable to travel with the team have an opportunity to watch the JV programs as they host Pacific High School Wednesday night.

BHHS freshmen will play Pacific's JV, and the other members of the JV squad will play Pacific's varsity. Games are scheduled to begin at: 4:15 for the freshmen games, 6 p.m. for the girls and 7:15 p.m. for the boys.