"You won. But you're not happy, are you?"

The question posed by Gold Beach football coach Kevin Swift was met with a resounding "no!" as the Panthers huddled together at midfield after defeating the Regis Rams on Saturday.

The Panthers opened up the first half with a quick touchdown in the first quarter and piled on two more touchdowns in the second to go into the locker room up 20-0.

The second half of the game found the Panthers floundering, only scoring eight points and allowing the Rams to put up 16 of their own.

"We should have been stepping on their throats and putting the game away," Swift added.

According to Swift not only did his players not perform to the standard he has set but he admits that he made some terrible calls in the second half.

"I tried to get fancy," he said. "I'll be a man and admit it, my play calling was horrible. Coaches are just as responsible as the players for the choices they make."

The Panthers didn't celebrate as the clock wound down, they just thanked their opponents and made their way to the sideline.

"It was a good win, but we could have done way better," Anthony Kelly said. "Like Coach said, we did take the second half off."

The Panthers hope to put it together as they travel to Cottage Grove on Saturday to take on the Oakland Oakers in a battle of the unbeatens at 3 p.m.