The Brookings-Harbor High School boys soccer team finished their regular season with a 4-0 victory over the Pirates of Pacific High School in front of their family, friends and fans.

"It feels great," senior Jose Hernandez said. "We've been playing here for a long time but it feels great to be a senior and win on our home field.

"It feels amazing."

Fellow senior Pete Peterson agreed, "As our goal for the senior year was to take the Far West League, we accomplished that goal," he said. "It feels good to win in front of the fans. It shows that we are a good team."

The Bruins delivered their sixth straight shutout in the win and Head Coach Pancho Garcia was full of praise for his defensive squad.

"I think that we have a really strong defensive team," he said. "Pete Peterson, Jon Joyce, Jake Vaughn and Nick Corpening.

"Corpening has been a great factor, not only does he play offense, but he comes back and helps on defense."

"They are strong on defense," he added. "What more can I say?"

The strong Bruins' defense allowed only one shot on goal for the entire game. The Bruins' offense scored early when senior Tyler Snow took a free kick by fellow senior Thomas Spratt and redirected it into the goal at the three minute mark.

The Bruins early score seemed indicative of a high-scoring game, but the boys didn't put the ball in the net again until the 35th minute when sophomore Derek Hodge dribbled around a couple of Pirate players, shot the ball in the midst of three defenders and put it in the back of the net.

Hodge would tie for Bruins leading scorer on the next sequence when he was knocked down in the penalty box and was awarded a penalty kick.

Normally choosing a defensive player to take a penalty kick, Garcia picked Hodge, who calmly put the ball on the ground just outside the reach of the goalie to score the Bruins third and final goal of the first half.

The Bruins' final goal came when Spratt, the other top scorer, took an assist from Nells Johnson and scored goal number four.

The Bruins had 16 shots on goal in the game and dominated the field of play for the majority.

The Piraes' strategy seemed to be one of loading the defensive side of the field and forcing the Bruins to play bumper pool to get the ball into the net.

While the strategy limited the Bruins to only four goals, it also kept the Pirates from having any chance to score.

"It feels pretty good," senior John Joyce said. "But we're going to have to pick it up if we want to go as far as we want in state."

The Bruin seniors thought it was great to win at home in front of their fans, and to be Far West League champions, but Corpening put it best when he said, "It feels like Christmas morning when you see that package under the tree.

"Fireworks in your eyes are exploding, that's what it feels like to win in front of your fans."

Goalie Chandler Gotfried added that it was great to win at home, but he hoped it wouldn't be the Bruins' last home game of the season with the playoffs coming up next Thursday.