After trailing by as many as five points in the final quarter, the Brookings-Harbor High School boys' basketball team played stifling defense and hit their free throws down the stretch to pull out a 45-38 win over the Hidden Valley Mustangs in the first round of the OSAA Basketball State Championships.

andquot;Our kids never quit,andquot; Coach Bryan Wood said. andquot;They just kept playing and never let up.andquot;

With three minutes left to play in the game, Hidden Valley took a five-point lead and continued to try and slow down the game, holding onto the ball and running a slow-paced, deliberate offense.

andquot;They have to be one of the best teams in the state at holding onto a lead because they never give up the ball,andquot; Wood said.

But the Bruins were able to find their way back into the game by pressuring the ball and forcing turnovers.

andquot;We just used a man-to-man press and the kids worked extremely hard to make it work,andquot; Wood said.

And the pressure did work, frustrating the Mustangs and forcing them to make bad passes and travel with the ball.

After one of the many Mustang turnovers late in the fourth quarter, Fred Corpening scored inside to cut the lead to three, 38-35 with just 2:27 left to play.

The bucket by Corpening would spark a 12-0 run that the Bruins would use to come from behind and take control of the game.

Hidden Valley had three different chances to stop the bleeding from the free-throw line, but each time the Mustangs missed the front end of the one-and-one and the Bruins controlled the rebound.

The Mustangs were a dreadful 0-for-8 from the free-throw line on the night.

Meanwhile, the Bruins capatilized on poor free-throw shooting by the Mustangs by going 8-for-10 from the line in the final two minutes of play.

After Chase Bansemer converted a pair of free throws, Corpening stole the ball in the Bruins' pressure defense and Nick Taresh hit a short jumper on the other end to give the Bruins the lead, 39-38, with just 1:20 left in regulation.

The Bruins continued their tremendous defensive play in the waning minutes of the game and helped secure the win by outrebounding the Mustangs in the final few minutes of play.

After a see-saw first quarter, the Bruins found themselves tied with the Mustangs at 11-11 heading into the second quarter.

In the second, the Bruins were able to halt the slashing offense of Hidden Valley and held the Mustangs to just six points in the quarter and held a 21-17 advantage at the half.

But the third quarter belonged to the Mustangs as they outscored the Bruins 13-6 and took a 30-27 lead into the final quarter.

Chase Bansemer and Corpening converted back-to-back buckets to put the Bruins up one 31-30 in the opening minutes of the fourth quarter, but the Mustangs would then rattle off six straight points while burning precious minutes off the clock at the same time.

But for the second game in a row, the Bruins showed their resolve and tenacity in the fourth quarter as they used their defense to get them back in the game and control the tempo.

Corpening led the Bruins with a game-high 13 points on the night and he also grabbed five rebounds, handed out four assists and nabbed three steals.

Kenton Bansemer added 10 points for the Bruins to go along with a game-high six rebounds.

Chase Bansemer added nine points, Taresh had seven, Garrett Long chipped in five and AJ Weber had one.

andquot;It was a balanced scoring night for us,andquot; Wood said. andquot;AJ, Charles and Garrett were also huge off the bench for us.andquot;

Earl Crawford led the Mustangs with 10 points and Trevor Porter added nine.

On Thursday (March 13) the Bruins will take on the Stayton Eagles in the second round of the OSAA playoffs at 3:15 p.m. The Eagles defeated the Philomath Warriors 56-33 in the first game of the tournament.

Join us tomorrow at 3:15 p.m. as we continue our live coverage of the state tournament.


Final Score: Bruins win 45-38

Fourth quarter: Bruins trail 30-27

Bruins start with ball and Chase gets a layup, Mustangs lead 30-29.

Bruin pressure the ball and Fred gets a steal and layup, 31-30.

But Trevor Porter gives the Mustangs the lead back and then Kyle Bleser picks up a loose ball and goes all the way to give HV the 34-31 advantage.

Kenton come up with a big block, but then called for an offensive foul, Kenton's fourth.

Bruins using full court press, but Mustangs break it and begin to kill clock.

Mustangs' Bleser hits a runner and stretches the Mustang lead to 36-31 with 4;25 left in the game.

Fred Corpening at the line, 1-2, Bruins trail 36-32, 4:20 left.

Bruins full court pressure forces a travelling call, Bruin ball.

But the Bruins turn it over with an errant pass.

Trap defense bothering Mustangs, Bruins steal and Fred fouled, 1-2 from the line, Bruins trail 36-33.

But HV get away from trap and score inside, 38-33, 3 minutes left.

Mustangs in bonus, Chase Bansemer at the line, but misses the front end of the one-and-one.

Bruins force turnover and the Corpening inside to cut the lead to three again, 38-35 with 2:27 left to play.

Bruins now in bonus, Trevor Porter misses the free throw, Bruin ball.

Mustangs foul on inbound pass, Chase at the line, 2-2 from the line, 38-37 Mustang lead, 1:52 left to play.

Bruin trap, Fred steal, and Nick jumper to take the lead for the first time in the quarter, 39-38, 1:20 left to play.

Mustangs' Earl Crawford at the line, misses the first, Bruin ball, 1:14 left.

Hidden Valley trying to trap, but Bruins get away and Mustangs have to foul Corpening. Corpening 1-2 from the line, Bruins lead 40-38, 1:01 left.

Bruin foul, Kyle Bleser at the line, but misses the first and Bruins get the ball and Chase gets fouled.

Chase 1-2 from the line and the Bruins lead 41-38 with 49.1 seconds left as HV takes a timeout.

Jake Longo misses a 3-pointer for the Mustangs and Kenton grabs the rebound and gets fouled.

Kenton hits the first free throw, 42-38, and the Mustangs take their final timeout.

Kenton nails the second free throw and the Bruins lead 43-38 with 32 second left to play.

Saxon Gotfried misses the layup for the Mustangs and Kenton fouled again.

Kenton at the line, hits 2-2, Bruins lead 45-38, 22 seconds left to play.

Mustangs miss a 3-pointer and then Bruins hold on to the final shot to take home the come-from-behind 45-38 victory.

Third quarter: Bruins lead 21-17

Hidden Valey starts with the ball and Fred Corpening gets a steal with a good trap defense and the Mustangs foul. But Bruins throw it away, Mustangs ball, 7:35.

Hidden Valley good passing and Crawford rewarded with layup, 21-19 Bruins.

Mustangs continue to kill clock be runing a slow-paced offense.

Bruins get a rebound, but then turn it over on offense.

Bruins now using a trap defens to try and create turnovers.

Brookings grabs a rebound and the Fred Corpening scores inside to put the Bruins up 23-19.

But Saxon Gotfried gets loose and answers back, 23-23 Bruins.

Corpening again inside right away, 25-21, 3:50 left in the quarter.

Kenton grabs a steal on defense and then Nick Taresh is fouled going to the basket and goes 1-2 from the line, Bruins take a 26-21 lead.

Porter scores for HV and cuts the lead down to three again, 26-23, 3:25.

Garrett Long deflects a pass and grabs a steal, but the Bruins can't convert on the other end, 2:23 left.

Mustangs Craig Hayter puts back an offensive rebound and pulls withinn one, 26-25.

Kenton Bansemer gets gets his third personal foul while going for a loose ball with 1:40 left in the quarter.

Jake Longo nails a 3-pointer and the Mustangs take their first lead of the quarter, 28-26 and then Chase picks up his third personal foul.

Bruin steal and Garrett Long fouled going to the hole. Long goes 1-2 from the line and the Bruins trail 28-27 with 29 seconds left.

Mustangs hold for last shot and Earl Crawford puts back an offensive rebound to give the Mustangs the 30-27 lead at the end of the three.


After being beat with the backdoor cut in the first quarter, the Bruins adjusted well in the second and held the Mustangs to just six points and took a 21-17 lead into the half.

Kenton has six points at the half while Chase Bansemer, Nick Taresh and Garrett Long have four points each. Fred Corpening added two points and AJ Weber has one.

Earl Crawford leads the Mustangs with six points. The Mustangs are 0-5 from the free-throw line through the first two quarters.

Second quarter.

Bruins start with the ball with the score tied 11-11.

Nick Taresh misses a reverse layup for the Bruins and the Mustangs Saxon Gotfried converts on the other end, 13-11 Mustangs.

Taresh ties the game again as he puts back a missed 3-pointer by Michael Wood, 13-13, 7 minutes left.

After a Mustang timeout, Earl Crawford scores inside and the Mustangs lead 15-13.

Chase Bansemer pulls down a rebound and Fred Corpening hits a bank shot for another tie, 15-15, 5:05.

Kenton gets free inside and puts the Bruins up 17-15, 4:20 left in the half.

Mustangs using up a lot of clock working for a shot, but Kenton gets a stal as the Bruins trap and force a bad pass, 2:50 left.

Kenton gets away again and gets a layup inside, 19-15, 2:25.

Off an inbounds play, Earl Crawford converts on an alley-oop pass, 19-17.

But once again, the Bruins respond as Garrett Long grabbed his own offensive rebound and put back an acrobatic layup to pull ahead by four, 21-17, with 1:51 left to play.

Mustangs being deliberate in their offense again and using up a lot of clock in the final two minutes of the half before Chase fouls Trevor Porter with 13.7 seconds left. Bruins are in the bonus , but Porter misses the first free throw and the Bruins rebound.

But foul on Charles Chambers down low and Mustangs have another shot at the bonus, but Earl Crawford misses the front end of the one-and-one and the half end with the Bruins up 21-17.

FIrst quarter

Bruins win tip and Chase Bansemer takes the ball straight to the hole for an easy layup, 2-0.

Bruins putting on a lot of pressure and not letting the Mustangs walk to ball up the floor.

Mustangs miss on putback and Nick Taresh layup in tansition, 4-0 Bruins.

It's tip-off time and the Bruins and Mustangs are taking the floor.

After back-to-back travelling calls, Kenton Bansemer with a steal, but nothing on offense.

Mustangs in transition and Jake Scott makes an incredible layup and gets fouled, but misses the free throw, 4-2 Bruins.

Corpening called for an offensive foul, his second alread with 5:58 left in the first quarter.

Chase Bansemer with a steal and AJ Weber is fouled shooting a jumper on the other end. Weber 1-2 from the line, Bruins lead 5-2, 5:13.

Mustangs Craig Hayter hit short jumper, 5-4 Bruin lead.

Kenton Bansemer with the big swat and Weber gets on the floor to tie up the ball and give the Bruins the jump ball.

But Bruins can't convert on offense.

On defense, Kenton Bansemer draws his second foul and Bruins already have two of their big guys in foul trouble.

Hidden Valley hits inside and takes first lead, 6-5 Mustangs.

But the Bruins answer right back as Garrett Long drives inside for an easy two, 7-6, 2:48.

Bruins struggling to catch up with Mustangs backdoor cuts and getting in foul trouble.

Mustangs Earl Crawford misses two free throws.

Bruins' Charles Chambers with a steal and Chase Bansemer hits a jumper to put the Bruins up 9-6, 2:10 left in the quarter.

Jake Scott hits a short jumper and the Mustangs pull within one, 9-8, 1:02 left.

Hidden Valley steal and then Trevor Porter nails a three to pull ahead 11-9.

But Kenton Bansemer hits inside to tie the game at 11-11 with 20 seconds left in the quarter.

The first quarter ends with the score knotted at 11-11.

Here are the starting line-ups for today's game:


#00-Fred Corpening

#12-Nick Taresh

#24-Kenton Bansemer

#32-Chase Bansemer

#33-Michael Wood

Hidden Valley:

#1-Saxon Gotfried

#3-Kyle Bleser

#21-Trevor Porter

#22-Jake Scott

#32-Earl Crawford