In a great game from start to finish, the Brookings-Harbor High School boys' basketball team finished up their best season in program history with a second place finish at the OSAA Basketball State Championships.

The Bruins lost a heartbreaking battle to the Marist Spartans in a 50-47 loss. Look for a full report in tomorrow's edition of the Pilot.

Fourth Quarter

Bruins start trailing 34-32.

Bruins start with ball, but turn it over.

Fred big block on Berney, but Marist gets ball back and after a Corpening foul, Carter goes to the line for two after another Bruin foul. Carter goes 1 of 2 from the line, Marist leads 35-32, 7:05 left.

Carter hits the floor hard for Marist and has to leave the game while they attend to a cut on his chin and clean the blood off the floor.

Carter leaves the bench and will probably need stitches. May or may not see him back in this game.

All the blood is cleaned up and time to get started again, Bruin ball.

Fred misses, but Garrett rebound and then Chase hits a short jumper, 35-34 Marist lead.

Marist called for yet another charge, Bruin ball, 6:21.

But Bruins step out of bounds and give the ball back to Marist and then Marist turns it over, Bruin ball.

Bruins called for the charge this time and Fred picks up his fourth foul and heads to the bench, Marist still leads 35-34, 5:35 left to play.

Bruins in bonus, 5:08, Mitchel Wilson at the line and hits one of two, 36-34 Marist.

Bruins miss a pair of 3-pointers and Marist gets the ball back and calls timeout, 36-34 lead with 4:36 left to play.

Bruin rebound, and then Nick Taresh hits jumper, 36-36, 3:47 left.

Foul on Chase, his third and Trevor Clemens to the line. Clemens hits both free throws, 38-36 Marist lead, 3:38.

Nick Taresh baseline drive, hits the runner and gets fouled, 38-38, 3:12. Taresh misses the free throw, 38-38, Marist ball.

Waldron fouled inside and heads to the line with 2:30 left to play and hits both free throws, Marist leads, 40-38, 2:30 left.

Loose ball on the floor, lots of no calls until give a timeout to Marist.

Under two minutes to play, Bruins trying to jump the ball, but Waldron free inside, 42-38 Marist, 1:35.

Michael Wood hits a long 3-pointer to but the Bruins back in striking distance, 42-41 with 1:19 left. Timeout. Both teams only have one timeout remaining.

Bruins put on full court press, but Marist breaks and Chase has to foul, his fourth. Bustrin at the line for Marist, gets the roll on the first one and then nails second, 44-41 Marist, 1:08 left.

Wood misses a three and Marist rebounds, Bruins forced to foul and things not looking good for the Bruins.

Carter at the line and drains both, 46-41, 40 seconds left.

Bruins looking for a shot and Chase nails a 3-pointer with 24.8 seconds left, Marist leads 46-44, but Bruins still alive. Timeout Marist.

Bruins in a full court press, trying to deny the inbound and Taresh has to wrap up Carter with 22.3 left. Carter hits both, 48-44, 22.3 left, Bruin timeout, their last.

Bruin ball, and Chase hits another huge three, 48-47 Marist.

Berney at the line with 7.6 seconds left, and Berney hits both.

Chase has one last shot, but the 3-pointer falls just short and Marist wins the state title, 50-47 in a great showing by both teams.

Third Quarter

Bruins start the half trailing 24-19

Bruins start with the ball, and the Bruins get the offense going, Kenton to brother Chase inside, 24-21 Marist.

Kenton draws a charge on Spartans' Carter, Bruin ball and Fred goes the distance, 24-23 Marist, Bruins back in it.

Sorry internet problems, but Fred Corpening has tied the game up at 26-26 for the Bruins on a transition layup with 5:33 left in the third quarter.

Bruins trapping, but Carter gets away for easy layup, Marist 28-26.

Marist doing a good job inside, Bruins having to settle for outside shots.

Marist foul, Bruin ball out of bounds, but can't get anything to fall.

Wilson does for Marist though, Spartans lead 30-26, 4 minutes left.

Another offensive foul on Marist, Spartans already have four team fouls, Bruins have none, 3:32 left in the third.

Chase great pass inside to Fred, 30-28 Marist.

Berney misses a three and Taresh hits baseline to tie the game, 30-30, 3 minutes left.

Marist ball, Bruin timeout, 2:47, 30-30.

Marist turnover, Bruin ball, but Kenton throws it away trying to break the press, Marist ball.

Waldron inside, Bruins having trouble stopping the big guy, 32-30 Marist.

Marist press and Michael Wood called for travelling, Marist ball, 1:45.

Berney to Waldron, Marist 34-30.

But Garrett Long answers right back for the Bruins, 34-32.

Marist called for another offensive foul, Bruin ball, 59.2.

Jumpball on offense, ball goes to Marist.

Spartans holding for final shot, but can't get anything to fall and quarter ends with Marist leading 34-32.


Bruins trail 24-19.

At halftime, Chase and Kenton Bansemer each have five points apiece.

Dustin Waldron and David Berney each have eight points for the Spartans.

Second Quarter

Bruins start with 16-14 lead.

Marist starts with ball, but Bruin defense prevails, Bruin ball.

Bruins can't convert, neither can Marist, Bruin ball.

Chase fouled brining the ball up the court, but then Kenton misses a 3-pointer, still no points scored two minutes into the second.

But Carter hits a jumper to tie the game at 16-16.

Bruins haven't scored in six minutes and trying to break the drought, 5:01.

Kenton has a long jumper rim out, but then Taresh grabs a board, but then turns it over, still 16-16, 4:11.

Bruins struggling to score, but defense keeping them in the game. Scoring drought now at almost 8 minutes.

Waldron gives Marist the first lead of the game inside, 18-16 with 3:03 and then Nick Taresh's shot gets blocked, Marist ball.

Waldron inside again and Bruins timeout. 20-16 Marist lead, 2:32. Bruins haven't scored since 3 minutes left in the first quarter.

Kenton misses a putback, looks like he gets hammered, but no call, Bruins get ball back.

Michael Wood has a 3-pointer rim out and then David Berney converts for Marist, 22-16, 1:30 left.

Michael Wood drains the 3 this time and ends the scoring drought, 22-19.

Berney answers right back, Marist 24-19 one minute left.

Fred at the line, but misses both with 45 seconds left to play.

Marist called for travelling, Bruin ball with 19.8 seconds left in the half.

Bruins hold for last shot, but Marist steals the ball and Bruins called for a foul with 1.9 seconds left. Marist's Jamie Martin at the line, but misses the front end of the one-and one.

First half ends and the Bruins trail 24-19. Miserable second quarter from the Bruins. Hopefully they can rally in the second half and get the offense going again.

First Quarter

Bruins win tip, and Chase Bansemer drains an open 3-pointer, 3-0 Bruins.

On the other end, Carter misses a 3, but then Chase misses a transition bucket, Marist ball., 7 min

Gianni Carter drives to the hoop and makes the basket and gets fouled, but air balls the free throw, 3-2 Bruin lead, 6:39.

Bruin turnover, but the Kenton Bansemer nails a three after a Marist miss, 6-2 Bruins.

Fred Corpening nails a jumper to put the Bruins up 8-2, 5:40.

A Bruin steal on defense leads to Chase Bansemer being fouled on the other end and going to the line for two free-throws. Timeout Marist, 5:10.

Chase hits both free throws, 10-2 Bruin lead, 5:10.

Carter gets free again and is fouled by Kenton and going to the line for two. Carter hits both, 10-4 Bruins,4:42 left.

Nick Taresh drains a long jumper and the Bruins are looking hot from the floor so far, 12-4 lead, 4:20 left in the first quarter.

A Marist turnover and Kenton hit on an inside bucket, 14-4 Bruins.

But Mitchel Wilson hits a runner to bring Marist back, 14-6 Bruin lead.

Marist forces a turnover on the Bruins, but then the Bruins get the ball back, break the press and Nick Taresh hits a baseline jumper, 16-6 Bruins.

On the other end, Dustin Waldron converts inside and is fouled, 16-8. Bruin timeout, 2:55 left.

Waldron misses the free throw, Wilson gets the offensive board, But Kenton swats it into the stands.

Marist still with the ball and Waldron back at the line for two. Waldron hits both, 16-10 Bruins, 2:39.

Bruins having no problem with press, but can't covert on the other end. But David Berney does and cuts the lead to four, 16-12.

Chase fouled and goes to the line, but misses both, 16-12, 2 min left.

Turnovers by both teams, but David Berney gets fouled by AJ Weber and goes to the line. Berney hits both, and Marist is on a 8-0 run, 16-14 Bruins, 1:25 left.

Bruin turnover trying to break the press, but the steal on the other end, but AJ called for foul underneath, Marist ball, 45.2 seconds left in the quarter. Bruins already have 6 team fouls.

With 18 seconds left, Bruins hold for final shot, but Marist steals ball and misses a half-court prayer.

Bruins hold onto lead, 16-14 at the end of one, but didn't score in the final 3 minutes of the quarter.

Almost time for tip-off of tonight's championship game.

Here are the projected starting line-ups for the respective teams.

Brookings-Harbor (23-2):

#00-Fred Corpening

#12-Nick Taresh

#24-Kenton Bansemer

#32-Chase Bansemer

#33-Michael Wood

Marist (24-4):

#3-Steven Bustrin

#4-Dustin Waldron

#5-Michael Murray

#13-David Berney

#23-Gianni Carter

The stage is set for a classic battle as the Brookings-Harbor High School boys' basketball team prepares to test the Marist Spartans in the OSAA Basketball State Championships title game set to tip-off at 8:30 p.m.

The Bruins are joined by a raucous student section, the BHHS prep band, the third place in state Bruin cheerleaders and a number of faithful parents and fans from the Brookings-Harbor community.

Follow us live from Gill Coliseum with play-by-play action and listen to Kevin Bane, the voice of the Bruins, on KURY 95.3 FM. Go Bruins!


It's the classic sports story.

A group of young men from a small town rise above the competition to reach the big stage.

In the final game, the small town boys face off against the kids from the big city who've been there before and have the swagger of a champion.

The story of the Brookings-Harbor High School boys' basketball team will conclude tonight at 8:30 p.m. as the Bruins clash with the Marist Spartans of Eugene in the 4A OSAA Basketball State Championships at Gill Coliseum in Corvallis.

But unlike the movies, the Bruins aren't the underdogs tonight.

Both teams have every opportunity to take the title, but the team that capatilizes on their opponents mistakes will be the team to reign supreme.

The Bruins (23-2) will rely on the one thing that has brought them through adversity time and time again - defense.

Their pressure defense was the key in the Bruins' 45-38 comeback win over Hidden Valley in the first round of the state tournament.

And in the semifinals, the Bruins shut down a physical Stayton team as they trounced the Eagles 53-34 to reach the finals.

For Marist, the Spartans will try to rely on their sheer athleticism and the shooting of their superstar, David Berney.

In the Spartans 67-55 semifinal win over the Newport Cubs, Berney had the best individual game of the tourney so far as he dropped 30 points on the Cubs - 20 in the second half - with five 3-pointers.

Marist also upset the No. 1 team in the state as the Spartans smashed through the La Grande Tigers with a 61-45 win in the quarterfinals.

Now, the two most athletic and deepest teams at the tournament will go head-to-head for the right to call themselves state championships at the 4A level.

Follow the championship game live from Gill Coliseum at and on the radio at KURY 95.3 FM.