By Jim Relaford

Special to the Pilot

The Chetco Cove Yacht Club finished its sixth weekend of scheduled racing last weekend with the ocean fleet competing on Saturday while the RC (remote control) and Sunday River Racing event was pushed back to the Club's July 4th Anniversary Weekend Regatta.

The hot contenders for the Ocean Racing are the seasoned skippers Jim Gurley on Latis, David Fuller on Alcyone, and skipper Gary Green on It's An Attitude. Gurley so far has won every race he has entered and is the overall winner of last season. But, things are getting more exciting because this week Gurley missed a race, which will subsequently add points to his overall score and will lower him in the standings.

It's An Attitude scored its first first place of the season and will take advantage of this win to gain the fewest points for the race. Skipper Gary Green attributed his success to the favorable conditions of smooth seas and light winds that are perfect for his small, fast yacht. His fiance just returned from one week of private lessons at J World in San Diego and crewed with him in the race. She felt she gained a little more experience and confidence with her sailing, but has her thoughts on the upcoming wedding to be held later this month.

Alcyone came in second with Skipper David Fuller remarking that he found the seas comfortable, the air brisk and says he always sails with a great crew. Cajun Lady, captained by Mickey, Paul Cary's sailing terrier, came in third. We have two Newport 30s in the fleet that have the same racing handicap and that makes for good fun. Elise, the other Newport 30, dropped out of this week's race after the CR (center range) buoy rudely hit their starboard side. Elise was third overall before this week's race and now is out for the next few races for some TLC.

Skipper Rachel Knauss graciously accepted the flat fender award at this week's general meeting, practically unanimously winning over rival candidates Skipper Ken Thompson who tried to sink his RC boat, Skipper Trace Kather of Visana, who was caught sailing backwards after snagging a crab line, and Jim Relaford who rammed the docks sailing full speed in his dinghy after getting his lines caught on the tiller, again with his crew - Rachel Knauss. The fender will be proudly displayed at the Knauss slip on J dock until the next club calamity happens and she can pass the coveted prize to someone else.

The Chetco Cove Yacht Club's next activities are scheduled for Saturday, July 5, when the club will hold their anniversary regatta featuring an RC race in the sport basin at 10 a.m., and a yacht parade held shortly before the 1 p.m. ocean race.

On Sunday, at high tide, the club will hold the river racing. This is perhaps the most exciting and competitive race category. Spectators can watch the boats from the river banks on the Chetco.

The Chetco Cove Yacht Club is always looking for new members. Prospective members do not need to own a boat to participate. The annual dues are $10 per month.

Individuals are encouraged to attend one of the activities and introduce themselves.