Over this past Fourth of July weekend the Chetco Cove Yacht Club hosted its sixth anniversary regatta, awarding three trophy-prized events for the various fleets.

Both the remote control (RC) and ocean races were held as scheduled, but like last week, the dinghy racing was cancelled due to a gale forecast. Conditions for the rest of the events were favorable with flat seas and mild winds of between 5 to 7 knots. The ocean fleets sailed through moderate fog during the last two legs of the race as weather approached from the west.

This week in the ocean race Latis, skippered by Jim Gurley won with no contest. Latis doubles as the race committee boat so Latis is also the boat to watch at the start since as we all know he will never have a false start! But the club is in good hands with Gurley and we appreciate the excellent work he does putting together the handicaps, racecourses, and scoring. For example, in this week's race instead of everyone sailing to a particular GPS waypoint, every boat was given its own unique point to sail to, at various points, along our usual triangular course. By the final leg, theoretically, everyone should have been racing for the finish at the same time.

Latis's competition this week was sailing vessel Davy, skippered by Dave Gilliver. He came in a strong second with ample time between him and the third place finisher, It's an Attitude, skippered by Gary Green. Dave sailed with an able, knowledgeable crewman named Don Griffith and overall found this week's race exhilarating. Gary Green, a strong, experienced competitor should be given the award for patience this week as he navigated the seas with two newcomer's to the sport, his teenage daughter Danielle, and the skipper of Elise, Rachel Knauss. They all had fun and are looking ahead to next weeks race to House Rock.

The real excitement in this week's ocean race came down to the race for 4th place. Jim Relaford lost his third place standing in the last leg of this race to It's an Attitude and Cajun Lady when he got bogged down with a troublesome spinnaker. Undaunted, he fought to the end with Cajun Lady instead trying a fierce battle of wits over the VHF to convince Paul Cary and his sailing terrier Mickey to take the CR buoy from the wrong side so he could gain the advantage and steal fourth place. But, Cary has spent many a day at the clubhouse with Relaford and could not be foiled by his mischievous tactics. Blown Away, skippered by Doyne Podhorsky was the final boat to finish and he justly commented how nice it is to enjoy a day out on the water. Alcyone, skippered by David Fuller opted not to finish the race.

The overall RC Fleet standings gave first place to Ken Thompson, followed by Jim Gurley for second, and Steve Blasdell for third. Mike Sayles, Pat Neid and Jim Relaford rounded out the event for the remaining places. The schedule for the upcoming races for the weekend of the July 12 and July 13, is 10 a.m. for the RC race in the sport basin, 1 p.m. for the ocean fleet who will be sailing to House Rock, and high tide again for the River Racing on Sunday. Spectators can get a good look at the ocean fleet from Chetco Point this week.

The Chetco Yacht Club welcomes new members. Cost is $10 per month.