By Arwyn Rice

Pilot staff writer

The Bruins' girls soccer team isn't resting on their laurels or drowning in their sorrows.

After last year's undefeated season that ended in a second-round playoff loss to the Catlin Gabel Eagles and the loss of coach Paul Angove, the girls are moving on.

The Bruins new coach Kristen Frank took over the team and wasted no time implementing her own style of soccer.

andquot;She's like drill sergeant,andquot; said senior Kayla Hamm. andquot;She knows her stuff, she played college soccer for a while so we're getting college-level practices..andquot;

Frank has a long association with soccer. Her father coached for the U.S. mens' soccer development team and Frank herself played soccer for Cal-State Fullerton.

When Frank's husband took a job in Brookings she jumped at the open coaching position. And she likes what she sees.

andquot;Natural talent is rare. Frank said. andquot;These girls are coming from other sports with raw ability. The athletic ability in this community is incredible.andquot;

andquot;These girls haven't been pushed, focused. (With their talent) every year a couple of our players could go on to college soccer. We have that kind of talent here.andquot;

andquot;There is no doubt we'll win league and go to the playoffs,andquot; Frank said.

Franks likes what she sees in other ways too. She doesn't hear complaints.

andquot;Girls come to practice aching,andquot; she said. andquot;Instead of complaining they ask how to stretch a muscle.andquot;

andquot;This must come from home.andquot; she added.

andquot;We'll continue to get better,andquot; said sophomore Ally Manley andquot;She's a good coach. We'll go as far as we can.andquot;

The team balances experience with new blood - a large class of freshmen.

The team has three standout leaders: senior Molly Montcrief, Hamm and Manley.

Montcrief is the team's leader and a solid player who could go on to play college soccer, said Frank.

Hamm expects to go to college to play soccer next year but hasn't chosen a school yet.

andquot;There are too many choices,andquot; Hamm said.

Sophomore Ally Manley played varsity as a freshman and is the core of the team's midfield.

Manley is also a standout in cross country, taking fifth in the state last year.

The Bruins' girls first step toward their goals will be against Douglas High School. The game will be played at 4:30 p.m. on Sept. 9 at BHHS.