By Chad Robert Snyder

Pilot staff writer

The Brookings-Harbor High School varsity soccer team won again Thursday, taking their record to 5-1 after a blowout win versus Illinois Valley, 11-0.

The Bruins again played a game predominantly on the opposition's side of the field. The defense controlled the game to such a degree that the Cougars only managed two shots on goal, while the Bruins were constantly threatening scores, taking 35 shots in the match.

As was the case with recent games, the boys jumped out to an early lead. Within the first five minutes they had scored two goals, and by halftime added three more.

One of the keys to their early success was they play of their midfielders. Jose Munoz, in particular, was constantly stealing balls from Illinois Valley and passing them upfield to the forwards.

The Bruins were also extremely efficient in terms of putting the ball in the net. Of their shots on goal, 31 percent hit paydirt.

In the second half, Head Coach Gabriel Anaya had the opportunity to play his entire bench as a result of their commanding lead. Anaya said it was a great opportunity for them to get some experience, even in a game that was far from competitive.

Anaya also took the opportunity to do something he had been hoping to do more of all season.

andquot;In a game like this you have a chance to play players in different positions than they're used to,andquot; Anaya said. andquot;It's good, just in case they have to do it later.andquot;

Anaya said the switch was mainly between midfielders and forwards, but it was useful nonetheless.

Regardless of positions, the Bruins continued to dictate the tempo and action of the game in the second half. The bench players and regulars playing out of position scored six more times.

Anaya said he was pleased the team continues to develop and perfect skills they have been working on all season.

andquot;We passed a lot better,andquot; he said. andquot;We talked better today, too. Everyone knew where they were on the field.

Monday the Bruins take on Douglas at 4:30 p.m. at BHHS.