Fishing report for October 3-9

Today's the last day to score on the bubble fishery

Today is your last chance to catch a trophy Chinook in the ocean for the rest of the year.

On October 1, the opening day of the bubble fishery, 190 Chinook were caught in one day. The harvest guideline was for 250 fish.What do you think the chances are that the remaining 60 Chinook will be caught today, this final day of the bubble fishery?

Well, my original prediction that the Chetco Bubble Fishery was going to be a success well exceeded my expectations.As long as fair seas prevail, I am predicting that not only will the remaining 60 kings will be caught, I'm going out on a limb and predicting that the final count will well exceed the 250-fish guideline.

Here is what the National Weather Service (NWS) is predicting for today on Friday morning at 3 a.m.: North wind 15 to 25 knots. Wind waves four to seven feet. Northwest swell six to seven feet Here is what the NWS was predicting for today at 9 a.m. on Friday morning: North wind 15 to 20 knots. Wind waves 3 to 5 feet. Northwest swell 6 feet at 10 seconds.

In a period of six hours, the wind forecast dropped 5 knots, wind waves went from andquot;4 to 7 feetandquot; to andquot;3 to 5 feetandquot;, almost a 2-feet drop, and they also dropped the northwest swell an additional foot.If anything, the forecast is getting better, not worse, and it keeps getting better.

Here is what the NWS was forecasting for today on Friday at 9:30 a.m., only 30 minutes later: North wind 10 to 20 knots...except wind 5 to 10 knots within 10 nautical miles of the coast in the morning. Wind waves three to five feet. Northwest swell six to seven feet at 10 seconds.

I like the part where they added andquot;five to 10 knots within 10 nautical miles of the coast in the morningandquot;.

Since we're targeting Chetco salmon staging fairly close to the mouth, this is a shallow-water fishery where most of your fish will be taken from the jaws out to the red can buoy (the bell). Often the water inside the red can buoy (the bell) is quite calmer anyway than water off Chetco Point.

So it is looking like the water is calming down just in time for some good salmon and/or rockfishing today.

Jan Pearce from Tidewind Sportfishing reported that the ocean was looking pretty good at 9 a.m. on Friday.

A lot of salmon caught last Wednesday were near Salmon Rock, the first wash rock you come to on the starboard side as you exit the jaws.

A good Chetco River bubble fishery is a good predictor for the Port Orford Bubble Fishery that takes place off the Elk River the entire month of November, and it's a good indicator of what to expect of the Chetco River when it opens.

20 days left till the Chetco opens

It's time to start counting backward now for the opening day of the Chetco River. The Chetco River, which includes the bay, doesn't open until November 1.

There is no better time than the present to start practicing your egg loop knots and start tying up leaders that are good to go before the fishery opens.

Rockfishing is good off Brookings Port

Weather permitting, rockfishing should just keep getting better as we approach November. As long as you can find a flat spot in the ocean, sink some shrimp flies, twin-tail plastics, grubs or use anchovies or big herring on the end of a mooching rig.

Jan Pearce from Tidewind Sportfishing reported limiting her passengers last week on the bottom grabbers and is planning on fishing today, and hopefully tomorrow.

Silvers go on-the-bite in the lower Rogue

The lower Rogue Bay produced good numbers of silvers last week ranging from 14 to 17 pounds.

andquot;It's great fishing,andquot; says Helen Burns from;The bay's full of silvers and upriver fishing is good for side-drifting or anchor fishing.andquot;

Burns says a lot of anglers a side-drifting from Quosatana on down or they are anchoring up putting out straight bait or spinners.

I fished last week with Andy Martin of and there were silvers jumping all over the place around Indian Creek.

We had a good take-down and the fish was on for a brief period of time until the rod was handed off to one of his passengers, after which the coho made one big leap and spit the hook.But it easily would have gone 15 pounds.

If you're trolling the bay, use straight anchovies or spinnerbait/anchovy rigs, and either use lighter sinkers on your droppers or speed up your troll to keep the bait closer to the surface.

The silver fishing is good on other rivers as well.Bobb Cobb, a well-known guide in the Reedsport area, told me that there were lots of silvers being caught in the Elkton area that were going 20 pounds.

andquot;These weren't just 15-pounders where people would hold them up and say they were bigger.These are bona fide 20-pound silvers,andquot; says Cobb.

Cobb said that he was having fun casting Vibrax spinners with a black blade. There were also some big Chinook caught as well, but it was hard getting through the coho to get to the Chinook.

The only reason I brought up an out-of-the-area river was to show that a large silver bite seems to be going on in a lot of rivers, and that reflects the ocean's productivity.

Back to the Rogue

andquot;We're still seeing some fall Chinook off the mouth of Indian Creek Hatchery area being produced and we are also seeing some of the jacks from that fishery being produced,andquot; says Jim Carey from the Rogue Outdoor Store in Gold Beach.

Every year Indian Creek Hatchery raises 75,000 smolts, a portion of which are intended to come back to the hatchery as adults. This augments the bay fishery in October.

So if I was serious I'd be fishing for both silvers and kings near the mouth of Indian Creek.

Tight lines!