By Chad Robert Snyder

Pilot staff writer

Kalmiopsis Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) member and Hoopfest organizer Cindi Beaman was both pleased and surprised by the response to their event.

She said she was pleased by the number of participants in the first-year event (183) and by the overwhelming support from the public.

Surprise came in the form of the games themselves.

andquot;I thought it would all be fun and games, but it was really competitive,andquot; Beaman said.

Teams in nine age/grade groups battled on Saturday, Nov. 22, in the Kalmiopsis, Azalea Middle School, and Brookings-Harbor High School gyms. Each age/grade division also took part in a free throw, slam dunk, and three point competition.

Each 3-on-3 team was comprised of three to five players. The rules for the games were the same as conventional basketball.

The result were as follows:

Ninth grade/Adult Women

3-on-3: Kelley Garvin, Kara

Miller and Shawna Y.

Free throw: Ciara Freeman

Slam dunk: Ciara Freeman

Three point: Sam Shifts

Adult Men 3-on-3

3-on-3: Chase Bansemer, Fred

Corpening, Kenton Bansemer

and Travis Bay.

Three point: Jacob Eszlinger

Boys grades 3 to 4

3-on-3: Davey Freeman, Jon

Kleespies, Pat Fulton and

Steve Kleespies.

Free throw: Izaiha Bruce

Three point: Alex Anaya

Boys grades 5 to 6

3-on-3: Christian Edwards,

Daniel Teasley, David Daniels

and Fernando Villa.

Free throw: David Daniels

Three point: David Daniels

Boys grades 7 to 8

3-on-3: Chandler Dodd, Dexter

Vaughn, Jake Vaughn and

Ronnie Manley.

Free throw: Dexter Vaughn

Three point: Dexter Vaughn

Girls grades 3 to 4

3-on-3: Abby Farmer, Amber

Clarke, Siena Worthey and


Free throw: Tyrah Baron

Three point: Jocelyn Kay

Girls grades 5 to 6

3-on-3: Cassidy Freels,

Courtney Kay and Kaylee


Free throw: Iva Hart

Girls grades 7 to 8

3-on-3: Brandi Rodgers, Josey

Glazebrook, Mariah Dieter

and Samantha Young.

Free throw: Josey Glazebrook

Three point: Josey Glazebrook

Grades Kindergarten to 2

3-on-3: Eli Mills, Jonaton

Zebadua, Max Palmer and

Parker Gotfried.

After all the competitions had been decided, Beaman marveled at the skills she saw on display at the inaugural Hoopfest.

andquot;It was intense and exciting,andquot; she said. andquot;There was a lot of great basketball being played at all levels.andquot;

Beaman also acknowledged those who assisted in making the Hoopfest a reality for the PTO.

andquot;I was happy to see the schools support of the community and sports,andquot; she said. andquot;The teachers and every else who helped out were positive and more than willing to help make this happen.andquot;

As for the future of the event, Beaman said the PTO plans to organize the event again next year.

andquot;I think if it was 20 players we wouldn't have done it again,andquot; she said. andquot;But with 183, we think it'll be even bigger and better next year.andquot;