The Curry Coastal Pilot

Ululate for country

President Obama uses executive orders to make laws - which is against the United States Constitution with no consequences!

The IRS uses its power to target individuals to stop them from their rights to free speech with no consequences! The NSA spies on the American public, heads of states with no consequences!

The ATF sends thousands of expensive, high tech weapons to Mexico and loses track of them and one of our Border Patrol men gets killed by one of those weapons and there are no consequences!

Many department heads and cabinet heads lie under oath to Congress and there are no consequences!

The Supreme Court hears 13 cases and rules against President Obama with no consequences!

The House of Reprehensive and the Senate come to the press and tell lies and there are no consequences!

The EPA can garnish your paycheck for breaking their regulations, without any consequences and you have no recourse!

Thousands of people storm our southern borders and come into our country illegally and the consequences are - they get rewarded!

Some of us old guys and gals that fought for our country see all this and weep. We no longer are nation of laws!

Andrew T. Ragan


Puhls deserve thanks

I have read the article that you printed about the Country Music Festival. It was very well written and interesting.

For merchants in the area to have had a "boon" in the economy is fantastic!

However, I didn't see a "thank you" to the people who DONATED the use of their land for this three-day event.

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Puhl generously agreed that the festival could be held on their land. I think the entire community owes them a huge debt of gratitude, and I certainly hope it is forthcoming.

Their entire motivation was to help their community, of which it obviously did. Thank you.

Claudia Baumgart


Keep pain physician

I am hearing and reading all the pros and cons about bringing a hospital to Brookings.

We are small communities, Brookings and here in Smith River. Of course there is Crescent City, but they are overwhelmed and understaffed.

I am also curious as to why Curry County does not want a pain doctor in the area. As a senior, all these problem confuse me. We finally had a great pain doctor and now she has to abandon her practice and all of us have to drive to Eureka or to Medford and even Klamath for treatment. It makes no sense.

Brookings is mostly seniors and having to ride a long way because of pain and the ride can cause more pain, it was a Godsend to have a local doctor.

Please reconsider and keep her here as she is a truly fine and caring doctor. I wrote about this a while ago and you refused to print. But I will keep trying to get someone to listen.

Bobbi Danforth

Smith River

District complexity

A very recent quote, by the CEO of Curry Health Network, has me, and maybe others, baffled, and very concerned:

"There still seems to be a misunderstanding regarding healthcare and hospital care here in Curry County. There are some who are upset that North County citizens pay taxes, while those benefiting from Curry Medical Center in South County do not. As we move forward in providing care, these complex issues will be addressed; however it will take time." Andrew P. Bair, RN/MBA, chief executive officer, Curry Health Network

Shouldn't those so-called "complex issues" have been made much more transparent long ago? How could the voters have been expected to make a rational decision on whether to agree or disagree with a property taxes increase without knowing this pertinent information? Could you imagine going into any business agreement without knowing the details?

Well guess what? As ridiculous as it sounds, that's exactly what we the voters did, and why this information wasn't presented long ago, certainly deserves explanation.

My contention is that in this economically and geographically small county of ours, there never should have been "districting" to minimize the number of homeowners burdened with this large expense.

Clayton Johnson

Gold Beach

Belated Thank you

Our Pilot news carrier David Stephins has been putting our Wednesday and Saturday Pilots on the back porch of our home in Driftwood Estates.

Thanks to David we don't have to go down the stairs or bend over to get the newspaper. Since this park is a 55-plus area, it is a boon to the residents.

Thanks again, David.

Jane Heaney


Sutter CEO pay raise

Modern Healthcare article dated August 9, 2014, titled "Another year of pay hikes for non-profit hospital CEOs" reports the Sutter Health CEO in Sacramento "... topped the list ... He received a 53.5 percent raise in 2012."

REALLY ... a 53.5 percent pay raise?

What kind of pay raise did Sutter Coast employees get in 2012?

Roxie Hazard

Smith River

Inflation is here

The Personal Verification letter (Pilot, Aug. 16) requires a second half to Obama's accomplishments(?).

No matter what you have heard, we have inflation: Inflation has taken form in reduced quality and quantity of products, including food stuffs and pet foods.

If you look carefully at food products you will see lesser amounts and quality of products. Just the increases in fuel and electric costs brought on through questionable global warming fears by our president, is an explanation why inflation exists.

Flinging huge sums of borrowed money at windmills and electricity generating panels, with constant directives, orders and medical rules, cost much more money to shuffle all that increased federal expenses.

Lies and misdirection in Middle East resurrection of terrorism has caused ISIS/ISIL to return that area to medieval, hate-filled, grizzly behavior. Blaming any and all Republican administrations for all failures and repeated mistakes in judgment in a circle of his bad decisions and results while forgetting his constant failures should be a learning action for the president.

Using a questionable senate majority leader to stop all legislation from the House except the demand for trillions of dollars more spending, then lying about where the money will be spent.

Finally, does the present president really think anyone believes he gets all of his information from the media (except Fox News)? Philosophers, like Thoreau, are certainly interesting, but learning from one's experience and that of others keeps leaders from constantly repeating mistakes

Doug Bewall

Gold Beach

In appreciation

This is in appreciation for all the wonderful community that came to the Brookings Soroptimist Annual Rummage Sale.

I had an opportunity to speak with a number of folks that came to buy and check things out; they were all gracious and very interested in supporting our community and students. We are so grateful to live in a community that is so supportive of our programs.

A thanks also to the members for their hard work putting on this project and the Grange folks who made the space available. Thank you to the community that donated so many items to choose from. Thank you Pilot for your support also.

Bless everyone for supporting Soroptimist International of Brookings, Oregon.

Marie Garcia,

SI publicity chair


Candidate forum

The Curry County League of Women Voters will host a candidate forum for county commissioner, state representative and city council candidates on Monday, October 6, 7 p.m., at the Chetco Community Public Library, 405 Alder Street.

The League has invited candidates for commissioner David Itzen and Tom Huxley and state representative candidates Wayne Krieger and Jim Klahr. Council candidates have until August 26 to fill out their paperwork to run for office and those people will be announced later.

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences the public through education and advocacy. They welcome men and women of any political persuasion who want to take an active part in the issues that affect us all.

Evan Kramer

Port Orford

Will be a great day

Thank you for your continuing coverage of the Cedar Valley residents who were sprayed with chemical weapons by the timber companies.

It will be a great day for Oregon when these poisons will no longer be allowed sprayed from the air.

Brian Hamilton

Gold Beach

Donations made easy

Donations are key to helping Stagelights Musical Arts Community provide much-needed music education, outreach and events in our schools and community.

An easy way to help us is to sign up for the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program. Every time you shop and use your Rewards Card, Stagelights earns a donation! You still earn your normal rewards points, fuel points and rebates.

Sign up for the program by visiting and link your card to Stagelights. You can search for us by our name or by our non-profit number 83269.

Another way to help Stagelights is to shop at using the AmazonSmile program. Amazon donates 0.5 percent of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to us. Visit and search for Stagelights.

These are just two easy ways to help out a local non-profit. Thank you for your support!

Laurie Calef, secretary, Stagelights Musical

Arts Community