The Curry Coastal Pilot

Scams, lies tedious

It's time to stop the corruption in Curry County government.

Are you as tired of being lied to as I am? For the last five years we have heard the Curry County commissioners tell us Curry County government is going off the fiscal cliff in six months or a year, depending on their latest fiscal guru's prediction. They are still here.

Adolph Hitler said in his book "Mein Kampf," "The great masses of the people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than a small one." We have heard the big lie from the commissioners and are tired of hearing it.

Mark Twain said, "You cannot get the water to clear up until you get the pigs out of the creek." It's time to get Curry County commissioner David Itzen out of the creek and elect Tom Huxley to take his place.

The scams are starting to get tedious, from them removing the word "TAX" five times from the Sheriff's Law Enforcement ballot measure and changing the word to "Levy" to fool the voters, to giving all county employees a pay raise, including themselves (because they deserve it), and continuing to create new positions and hiring and promoting people all while claiming they are going over the fiscal cliff.

In addition, adjusting the sheriff's resignation date so the commissioners will be able to appoint the new sheriff instead of the voters electing the replacement. So much for protecting the citizen's right to vote they hammered the electorate with to defeat the Home Rule Charter.

It's an absolute disgrace that there is one commissioner, elected official, or supervisor for every 1.2 county employees. No wonder nothing gets done.

Ralph Martin


Let's talk taxes

Stop trivializing taxes: A bridge toll and a gas tax are CHEAP, but do not provide a fair distribution.

A toll would create more government and air pollution. A gas tax adding to the existing gas tax that has not been raised because it "unfairly burdens the poor" is idiotic.

We need 1: For residents to pay more property tax or service taxes, 2: To generate tax revenue by attracting visitors to spend their money in the local economy, and 3: Get the courts to recognize that the local economy is a portion of the environment.

Environmental Impact Reports should address the impact on the local economy from the cessation of logging (or improving roads). The courts should promote fairness and not bow to the whim of a biased few.

A few more attractions like the Port Orford Country Music festival could produce incredible increases in revenue along the South Coast corridor, as would a casino in Brookings.

It seems that motel occupancy and RV parking have increased over last year. A 2-percent increase in bed tax seems appropriate, and, since RV park rates seem low compared to motel room rates, they could absorb a rate increase. These burdens, though risking an upset from visitors, seems like they could raise revenue without sending visitors off to other locations (we have a better climate).

Maybe we need signs on the highway promoting fresh seafood in the port and attractions other than an almost extinct mall.

Stuart Johnson,


A huge thank you

I would like to take the time to thank and re-thank the community of Brookings, the behind-the-scenes people, the business store owners who allowed us to put up the posters, the churches, Bikers For Christ (these guys and gals are awesome!) ... and all who came to support their love for God, and also to hear some amazing music and testimonies.

I was approached many times by people whose hearts were touched and blessed by this whole event. I am already exited about doing more festivals like this.

A HUGE special thank you to Bill and Scott at the Curry Coastal Pilot and to Sharon, Steve and Kevin at KURY Radio for all your unbelievable coverage and promotion!

Michael J. Freels

Red-Letter Jesus


Wilson at Tea Party

During the past several years the National Forest Service (NSF) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have been restricting access to public lands.

Both have ignored pleas from the public to reopen access.

Are these agencies out of control? Many would say "yes"! But the tide is turning. Apache County, Arizona, is a case in point.

Three years ago, the county successfully asserted "its inherent right to control and manage roads, rights-of-way and routes of travel within NSF and BLM land located within the boundaries of Apache County. andhellip;" One of the keys to its success is instructing the county sheriff to enforce the act.

Del Norte County Sheriff Dean Wilson has extensive knowledge of the move to take back the management and control of roads and rights-of-way in NSF and BLM land. Wilson, with 34 years of law enforcement service, is known as an expert in federal jurisdictional authority and how its land management plans impact the region.

The public is invited to attend his presentation during the Brookings Harbor Tea Party event, this Saturday, Aug. 16, at 2 p.m. at the Best Western Beachfront Inn.

Sue Gold


More Freedom lost

Public property: What is it? Is it property owned and used by the public, or is it property owned by the government that dictates who can use it? We have become so used to the government restricting our rights that now no one even complains.

People have always been free to put up a sign for having a yard sale, open house, and directing family to family events. It's public property, the public should be able to use it.

The city restricting our right to put a sign on public property will just be accepted by most people and we will lose the right to use our public property as we the public want to use it. It's no big deal, it's just a small restriction to our freedom. Who cares?

I do.

It's such a small thing, a sign on public property, most people probably don't even care, but every time they take away another right we need to fight back, say no. Let everyone in government know we are not willing to lose any more rights.

Do not accept the loss of any freedom without a fight. Once you lose a freedom, you never seem to get it back.

Speak up, or just get in line with the rest of the sheep.

Walt Mead,

concerned citizen


Report on Network

In answer to John O'Hara of Brookings, bringing the hospital from Gold Beach to Brookings would make very good economic sense.

But there are a couple of arguments against this idea.

Only residents owning property north of the Pistol River pay the hospital tax. They may have something to say about moving the hospital. Patients travelling from the north of the county will have been in the ambulance for 45 minutes and Brookings is another half hour traveling time. A patient with severe trauma or illness may be adversely affected by the extra journey time.

In the past 12 months our insurance has directly paid Curry Health Network $25,667; this does not include doctor bills. My wife and I consider that we support Curry Health Network because it is a vital local resource. Unfortunately we have to travel for treatment but we are able to get checks locally.

I realize that there are people who cannot pay the high cost of healthcare but with the umbrella of Obamacare the Network should be getting paid for the vast majority of the work it does. As an example, an MRI is billed at $4,998 for 45 minutes work. A three day hospitalization was $16,500. Surely this is sufficient to budget even for a replacement hospital.

I would like to see a report in the Curry Coastal Pilot of our tax dollars at work regarding the Curry Health Network. Let's see how it works.

Roger Mitchell


North vs South care

There still seems to be a misunderstanding regarding healthcare and hospital care here in Curry County.

The citizens of the Curry Health District - an area that extends from Pistol River to Elk River north of Port Orford - have been paying taxes for their healthcare for decades. These same citizens voted to pay $10 Million over the next 30 years to pay for their new hospital; the balance of which will be funded by loans repaid through revenue generated from the business of healthcare.

The citizens of South County do not pay these taxes. The new hospital in Gold Beach is to replace the aged, worn hospital that cannot be remodeled. The new structure will secure much needed care for our community for years to come.

Curry Medical Center on Fifth Street in Brookings was paid for by issuing public bonds. No tax dollars from either North or South County paid for this vital service to the South County. However, the Health District recognizes the continued lack of healthcare services in the Brookings market. We have recently exhausted all efforts to provide a freestanding emergency department within Oregon healthcare law. At last month's Curry Health District Board meeting, Brookings city officials requested a joint effort to change legislation to bring emergency services to Brookings. This is our current focus and it will take time.

There has been consideration for hospital services in Brookings.

Curry Health Network is committed to providing coordinated countywide care that ultimately meets the needs of the communities served. This may or may not include hospital services; however, we feel it must include emergency services. The Brookings market is the largest community without emergency services in the state of Oregon.

There are some who are upset that North County citizens pay taxes, while those benefiting from Curry Medical Center in South County do not. As we move forward in providing care, these complex issues will be addressed; however it will take time.

Andrew P. Bair, RN/MBA, chief executive officer, Curry

Health Network