The Curry Coastal Pilot

Pyrolysis pointless

You have read time and time again how our Board of Commissioners have promoted a biomass project that will provide both jobs and address the fire risk from scrap timber left behind by logging. But have you read the Integrated Biomass Pyrolysis Feasibility Study for Three Dimensional Tmberlands, that project, just accepted by the Commissioners?

Page 1 states "two of the three technologies (pyrolysis and torrefaction) currently being pursued or under construction by 3DT are experimental in nature and in the early stages of development and therefore must still be considered pre-commercial." Page 2 states that the Canadian plant purchased by 3DT and in storage in Ophir "was built as an industrial scale demonstration project ... (that) has not been run long enough at capacity to be considered commercial ... (that) detailed engineering drawings and specifications ... were not recovered ... (and that) the plant was clearly missing some essential components for reliable commercial operation."

The taxpayers paid at least $6,250 for a feasibility study of a project that the owners already knew, and our Board of Commissioners should have known, is not feasible. At best it may employ a few folks to make wood pellets from sawdust waste from South Coast Lumber. But then a wealthy partner of 3DT gave $1,000 to the committee set up by two commissioners to oppose the charter, so it wasn't a total waste of our tax dollars.

Carl King

Nesika Beach

Encourage the youth

If you want your craft to be enjoyed by future generations, you must share with those who will be there.

If you enjoy live theater and you wish for live theater to continue to be important, I believe we should prepare for the future by encouraging youth to attend shows, audition for shows, and teach youth the various parts of producing live shows. Invite kids into the audience and on stage, in the lights and sound booth, invite them to shadow directors, and offer the young people of today an opportunity to fall in love with performance.

I also believe this goes for dance, voice, instruments, and all forms of arts and crafts. The future is in the children. I am thankful my school offered sewing, ceramics, drama, home economics, wood and metal shop, band, and choir. It stayed with me. It made me who I am. I am thankful I can share with the future and I invite everyone to share their craft. The rewards are immense. (And, kids keep you young.)

Just thinking out loud today. Thank you for listening!

Dori Randall


Oasis cookoff thanks

Oasis staff and volunteers would like to thank everyone who came out to the 17th annual Chili Cook-Off!

Everyone had a great time. The two top cooks were selected - The People's Choice Award went to John Hawthorne and the Judges Choice went to Ana Banta.

Thank you to our volunteers (and intern) and especially to all the cooks, participants, and the folks at Slugs 'N' Stones ice cream parlor (who helped sponsor the event).

And a final thanks to Pat Silveria, who organized and ran this event for 17 years. Pat is in semi-retirement now. We wish her well in her travels.

Lea Sevey,

for the staff of

Oasis Shelter Home

Gold Beach

Give us a signboard

Some years ago, I lived in the Sweet Home area.

There is a small park-like setting as you enter the town where citizens are allowed to post garage sale signs.

It seems to me if Brookings could do the same, it would end the problem of these signs, their clutter and destruction to utility poles.

A local business could even build an outdoor community bulletin board.

Barbara J.



Bring hospital here

"Hospital closer to loan" on the front page of the Pilot: Pardon me, but why are we building a new hospital in Gold Beach?

If some kind of voter approval has been received ... cancel same. The "Days of Wine and Roses" are over. This county and its taxpayers cannot afford efforts to get us further in debt. $27.5 million for a new hospital is out of the question. Reasons: Most of the population for this whole county is in the Brookings-Harbor area. In fact, the population of Brookings alone (6,470), is about twice the population of Gold Beach and Port Orford!

We are already paying on the debt incurred by the building of a three story new hospital at 500 Fifth Street in Brookings ... which is being operated as an "Urgent Care" facility. This building was designed and built to be a hospital. OK, so let's get it licensed and operated as "Curry General Hospital" et al. Spend less than $1 million to remodel the present hospital in Gold Beach, and operate it as an Urgent Care Facility.

In do that, we will have a hospital in Brookings-Harbor, staff it with doctors and registered nurses designed and built as a hospital; therein keep a lot of the medical needs being sent to Crescent City ... because we do not have a full service hospital in this county.

I know the board of directors, planners, and gung-ho supporters will probably have a stroke, not being able to push their pet project rebuked. Too bad. We the county taxpayers who will have to pay through the nose for decades to pay off their new hospital in Gold Beach ... which would still not serve the major population of this county.

John O'Hara


Beach Thoughts

I never voted for citizen of the year.

I sure would vote for man and woman of the year. John Bishop and Susan Brown meet every requirement.

My wife and I were down at the beach listening to the sounds of the ocean and the port; it was a beautiful day. A dog and his master passed by, the dog sniffing for a spot of his liking; once located he pooped. His master started cleaning up; the only thing I could think about was our president. The dog moved on, located another spot and urinated; Washington D.C. came to mind.

My grandson went to Afghanistan; he came back with PTSD, but he came back.

Every day I think about all the men and women who did not come back from Afghanistan and Iraq.

I blame our president for the total waste of our men and women.

Our president is destroying our nation. He is unfit to govern.

Did you know? Dog poop makes lousy fertilizer and it burns the lawn.

Dear Carl Harker, (Pilot, July 23) I was a dyed in the wool tunnel-vision Democrat just like you. If you do not like Fox TV, try

Clifton Siemens


Blame the Russians

Nobody needs to worry their pretty little heads over the southern border.

There is no need to worry about terrorists, drug gangs, or diseases like tuberculosis or the ebola virus.

We need to make the 20 million illegal immigrants legal and we need to make them all legal now!

Doing anything else would simply be racist. That is what Eric Holden and Al Sharpton say and who could ever argue with those two great Americans?

If anything goes wrong we can always blame it on Vladimir Putin and the Russians. After all, we blame the Russians for everything else these days. Everyone knows the Russians are responsible for the murders of Apollo Creed and Jesus Christ.

I am so grateful that President Obama is smart enough to listen to such great men like John McCain on foreign policy.

I can't wait until Obama starts World War III with Russia.

I was tired of living anyway.

Joe Thomas