The Curry Coastal Pilot

In every issue of the Curry Coastal Pilot you'll find information about local fundraisers, community theater performances, live music events, upcoming festivals and ... well, the list goes on.

The coverage is equivalent to thousands of dollars worth of advertising space - and we gladly provide it free of charge. It's what a community newspaper does.

However, the Pilot is not a philanthropic organization. We are a local business, with bills to pay and employees who depend on a regular paycheck.

While we take great pride in contributing to the community - and we enjoy being the voice of so many organizations and businesses - we would very much appreciate some reciprosity.

There are several ways to return the favor.

We would be proud to see the Pilot logo, an ad for our Go Wild Rivers mobile app, or our website address featured in your event program, brochure or other publicity materials.

We would be thrilled to hear you express your kudos to the Pilot in front of your audience members and event participants.

Nothing would make us smile as big as seeing a kind word or a simple "thank you" on your website or Facebook page.

Last but not least, you could purchase advertisement periodically. It costs less than you think (we offer a discounted rate for non-profits) and such ads would give you an additional chance to reach your audience.

Acting on any of the above suggestions would certainly send the message to the Pilot's hard-working employees that you appreciate their efforts to promote and celebrate all this wonderful community has to offer.