The Curry Coastal Pilot

From the midst of constant turmoil and low morale, the Brookings-Harbor School District has been given a tremendous opportunity to rebuild itself and realize its potential to provide our students with a quality education.

The first step is forward, not backward.

While those in the district can learn many lessons from recent events - from poor test scores and graduation rates to the heavy loss of teachers, administrators and even its superintendent -- school officials, employees and the community should not let any lingering animosity keep the district from moving forward.

The district is financially sound and will likely remain so for another few years. It recently inked a contract with the union that should be more than satisfactory for union members.

With the anticipated hiring of a new superintendent, and with four promising, new administrators at the middle and high school, the district is better prepared to respond to the major shifts happening in public education and already impacting teachers and students.

At the same time, the school board has learned some hard lessons resulting from their weak leadership - and have emerged stronger for it.

We are hopeful that these lessons learned and the strong spirit of cooperation born of the recent crisis will continue into the new school year, fueling the desire to give our children the education they require and deserve.