The Curry Coastal Pilot

Toll bridge for COPS

(Cost of Police Services)

Did you ever hear or see something that made you say "I wish I'd thought of that first"?

You know that we have lost our sheriff and many of our police services. No one wants to pay more taxes.

Let's propose to set up a toll gate across the Dot Martin Bridge. Everyone (including pedestrians) would pay a toll of $.25 to cross the bridge in either direction. Commercial traffic would pay a little more. It would not be the first toll bridge on 101; there is one across the Golden Gate Bridge. These fees would go into the police department coffers so someone would be there to answer our calls for help. (School buses exempt.)

OK, go ahead and laugh.

John E. Baker


A Negative culture

I would like to publicly voice my support for Brian Hodge, and express my thanks for his efforts on behalf of the Brookings-Harbor School District.

I appreciate our teachers and the fine job they do. That being said, I have experienced first-hand a culture of negativity in the district. Having served as a school board member for five years, from 2009 until this past May, I have witnessed again and again, from staff, community and board members alike, the attitude that:

1. We have a problem

2. This particular person (whomever they may be) is the source of the problem

3. The solution is to get a different person

That approach has never yet worked, and I greatly fear in this case that the whole district with suffer the consequences.

I have experienced some very difficult times in this district, and have tried to be an advocate for all staff, as well as the students. I can testify to the fact that Mr. Hodge has given his heart and soul to this job, and has always been direct and honest about the problems the district faces. Nothing is going to improve, however, unless we as a community take responsibility for a positive culture.

When will we learn that we can't keep chewing up administrators and spitting them out?

Jamie Ryan, former school board member


Fuel tax a smart idea

The Brookings City Council is smart to put before voters next May a measure authorizing a 4-cent-per-gallon fuel tax. And voters should approve it.

It's much smarter to fund street construction with a user fee, such as a fuel tax, than it is to stick every water and sewer user with a monthly $2.98 System Replacement Fee. Besides, the fuel tax would generate revenue from travelers, too, and they definitely use city streets and roads.

I don't live in the city, but I do most of my shopping there, and I buy most of my fuel there. It's only fair that I help to maintain city streets through a fuel tax.

The council also was wise to put a sunset on the proposal. If voters approve it, the tax would expire in three years. That should give the city ample time to assess the tax's value and determine if asking voters to extend it would be prudent, or if there's a better way to provide street revenue.

Dean W. Brickey


Protect your vote

In May 2014, the voters of Curry County spoke, and it appears the Board Of Commissioners did not hear what the voters said. The "No" on Home Rule group told the voters that if the Charter passed the following things could happen:

andbull;Voters would lose the right to vote

andbull;Salaries for county employees and elected officials would increase

andbull;Government would be expanded

Low and behold, the commissioners raised salaries, expanded government, put a tax levy on a special election ballot and now arranged it so that the election for the new sheriff is postponed until November 2016.

The sheriff submitted his resignation on July 17, 2014, and said that it would be effective August 31, 2014. Subsequently, it became September 30, 2014.

With that change, the voters will not elect the sheriff until November 2016. The commissioners will interview and appoint the sheriff, who will then serve until January 2017. If the resignation date had not been changed, you the voter would have the "right to vote" on Sheriff Bishop's replacement in November 2014. Now the commissioners will decide for you and we have to wait to have our voices heard on who should be the next sheriff of Curry County.

Is it amazing hypocrisy or self--fulfilling prophecy created by the commissioners? We can voice our concern so we can get the right to vote for the next sheriff if the date of the resignation is effective September 3 or earlier.

Kathy Brayer

Gold Beach