The Curry Coastal Pilot

The Event Center at the Beach in Gold Beach is buzzing with activity as volunteers and vendors, cooks and cowboys, entertainers and exhibitors all get ready for the 102st edition of the Curry County Fair.

It's a slice of Americana that offers something for everyone - a rodeo, dog show, baby races, a magician, wild animals, a battle of the bands, motorsports, acrobats, BMX riding, livestock auctions, and lots of traditional fair food.

The fair is an award-winning, small county fair that has the ability to both remind us of the rural roots in our culture and to show us where our lifestyles might be headed in the future.

The Curry fair dates its centennial to the Coos and Curry County Fair held in Myrtle Point in 1912, which continued until 1934, when Curry residents decided they needed their own event. A few years later, the fair found a permanent home on what is now the Event Center on the Beach in Gold Beach. With the exception of the war years, the fair has been an annual summer attraction ever since.

The vast list of contests and events offered at the fair paints a portrait of life in our corner of the world. From fern bundles to jars of jelly, from fancy chickens to huge bulls, from barrel racing to tough trucks, from a parade to exotic animals, from ugly dogs to beautiful babies, it is a uniquely American kaleidoscope where everyone can find something.

Everyone involved - this year and for many years before - deserves hearty congratulations from the community and their patrons.