The Curry Coastal Pilot

Stand up together

In 2008, when Senator Obama was campaigning with promises he wouldn't and couldn't keep, I started hearing rumors that he was anti-gun and bad news for hunting and fishing.

These rumors were confirmed as he pushed for green energy, wave energy, marine reserve areas and gun control.

I walked into Brookings Democratic headquarters and confronted them with questions: Is Barack Obama anti-gun? How will he help sports fishermen and hunters like me? As they tried to assure me that he was not anti-gun and was for the sportsman, they looked like deer caught in the headlights as they scrambled, unsuccessfully, to find proof.

We now know President Obama wants to control our health care, our guns, our environment and our oceans by imposing areas for wave energy, marine reserves and now sanctuaries, all up and down the Pacific Coast. The government and people like Leesa Cobb won't talk about restrictions on our use of the ocean for income and recreation. They talk about education and helping our economy.

How will restricting our ocean with reserves and sanctuaries help our economy? And they still ignore overwhelming opposition. I spoke with Leesa Cobb during the marine reserve nomination period. She told me POORT (Port Orford Ocean Resource Team) nominated the Redfish rocks area at Port Orford to try to appease Governor Kitzhaber and to protect the Port Orford reef area. It now seems she and the government have a bigger appetite. When will they stop and let ODFW manage our oceans and lands? Isn't more government control disastrous enough?

There are people who want to change our Constitution and deny us our rights. Let's stand up together to protect our rights. Our government has hidden agendas and they are not good. The "right" news programs will prove that.

Louis Costa


Many backs lift load

There are two things in life that are a certainty - death and taxes.

We continue to read and hear about the financial problems of Curry County. And again our county commissioners want to only tax property owners.

In the July 2 issue of the Pilot, the article dealing with the county workers and officials getting pay increases, Commissioner David Brock Smith quoted budget committee member John Spicer as saying "You can no longer put the financial burden of the county on the backs of its employees."

I totally agree.

But why, Mr. Smith, put the financial burden of the county solely on the backs of property owners?

Why not a combination of a small gas tax, a small sales tax, and a small property tax? And put a sunset clause on the gas and sales taxes at five years.

Think we will lose tourists and/or Californians to a 2- to 3-cent gas and/or sales tax? Compare to what they pay at home now.

Don Vilelle


Help with float home

Calvin E. Murphy Detachment #578 of the Marine Corps League is a registered non-profit organization that serves the Brookings-Harbor area.

They have done an amazing job over the years by donating time and money to many causes in our area: giving scholarships, Toys for Tots, Honor Guard firings, supporting veteran organization and more.

Unfortunately we have lost the place where we have been storing our float. The float is approximately 40 feet long and 8 feet wide. If there is anyone in our area that has a covered area or just a small section of property where we could keep our float it would be greatly appreciated.

You can contact Sharon at 541-412-8968.

Sharon Hitzman

Marine Corps League

Wake up, people!

Commissioners: Shame on you David Itzen and David Brock Smith for taking an increase in your salaries.

Brookings, you had a chance for a change at the last election and you voted them in again.

Please Brookings, do the right thing in the November election and the September ballot regarding property tax.

What does it take to wake up!

Ruth Cavaliere


Can't cure stupid

First: Let me congratulate Sheriff Bishop and his wife, Kris on their new jobs in Salem. I had the great pleasure to meet Sheriff Bishop in 2012. He was incredibility interested in meeting a complete stranger. (Corrections/Law Enforcement retired not withstanding). It was an enlightening visit.

What on earth is wrong with Curry County residents? You have/had a wonderful resource in Sheriff John Bishop and Kris Bishop. Their experience in law enforcement and parole in Curry County is priceless. You (the residents) don't want to believe EME is alive and well in Curry County; well, just see how the crime rate and cartel drugs go up now, when the county law enforcement becomes unstable! Then your county commissioners, David B. Smith and David Itzen vote themselves COLAs "because everyone else gets a pay raise. (County commissioners normally have other sources of income.)

You cannot cure stupid!

We still want to sell our horse property in New Mexico to move to the Brookings-Harbor area. ... WHY? Maybe we should reconsider the exact location where we want to relocate.

Law enforcement coverage and safety is an expectation. Pilot editorials and Letters to Editor indicate concern for tourism and "new" people to relocate to Brookings, Curry County, who might be put off due to lack of safety concerns. But you voters appear to be enthralled with Smith and Itzen to keep re-electing stupidity and disregard for the county, except their pocket books...

Again: You cannot cure stupid!

"You" need to vote out the utter stupidity, before you, the people, lose the whole county to anarchy .

Donna Sylvestre


Belen, New Mexico

claiming credit

In rebuttal to Commissioner David Brock Smith's letter in the Pilot on July 9, apparently you can't believe a word this man says.

He tries to claim credit for assisting in creating the Oregon Veterans Extended Outreach Grant project that actually was established by the 2013 Oregon Legislative Assembly, and he also claims the program brought in approximately $1 million when in fact the amount was $600,000 to be used statewide. In addition, of the 36 Oregon counties only 26 applied for the grant. All 26 counties that applied got money with the most being $68,100 for Josephine County and the least amount of $2,300 for Curry County. What a hero.

Commissioners Itzen and Smith are responsible for running off Kimberly O'Neal, our popular and effective Veterans Service officer, and now their bait and switch ballot tax levies are responsible for the resignations of Sheriff John Bishop and his wife the Parole and Probation director. The commissioners plan involved passing the law enforcement levies to fund the Sheriff's Department, jail, juvenile and the DA's office. The money from the levy would go to the sheriff and the commissioners would then take a like amount from the general fund that was budgeted for the Sheriff's Office and they would use it for themselves. The evil, greed and corruption perpetrated by the current commissioners are scandalous.

The voters of Curry County were able to see through their scheme and turn the ballot measures down and now Itzen and Smith want to do it a third time.

Unfortunately Itzen and Smith haven't resigned.

Robert Dietz


Shame on our voters

We were devastated on Saturday's Pilot (July 5) that it came to the point that Sheriff John Bishop is resigning as our sheriff of Curry County.

States to due to his health; well those who know about Sheriff John Bishop know he has worked very hard to raise taxes/revenue for his employees to stay on their jobs and for the jail, plus other necessary jobs needed to help the people of Curry County.

Twice, it has been put to the voters to pass a tax to help the above situation and twice you voted it down. Shame on you voters, can you not see that would help him and in helping Sheriff Bishop would give you safety and protection, and law and order where and when needed.

I wrote about this tax problem before - raise property tax by 68 cents per $1,000 assessed valuation for at least three years to get things going again.

Crime is growing everywhere, but Brookings has in the past been a great place to live, and to live safe and protected, we need to have a sheriff's department there when we need them.

People of Curry County, and I am writing about people in Brookings: Think about what I have written. Paying a little more on your property tax is not going to hurt you much - it's a benefit for you.

Yes, I write as a resident of Brookings. My husband and I know that is the only way to help and get Sheriff John Bishop to stay as our top sheriff and not resign as it appeared in the Pilot.

I know Sheriff Bishop from the hard work he has done for many and I know it would be a shame to lose him now.

Virginia Cunha