The Curry Coastal Pilot

The fields between Highway 101 and Cape Blanco State Park were quiet last weekend, but there were signs of change if you looked closely.

Certain fields are freshly mowed. There are a few new water tanks where wells have been drilled. A road access has been punched in. A Rotary work crew was building three snack shacks. A helicopter came in from the north, circled one field several times, and then headed back.

The fields are the site of Bi-Mart's first annual Cape Blanco Country Music Festival starting July 31. For that weekend, more than 10,000 people are going to gather for a party.

Yes: It's going to be a little chaotic, with a few traffic jams if nothing else. We simply know that Bi-Mart and company have staged this kind of event for years in Brownsville. We trust them.

We also believe it's an extraordinary tourism opportunity for the Wild Rivers Coast. Suddenly thousands of people have a specific reason to spend time in our neighborhood.

So the Curry Coastal Pilot and the Del Norte Triplicate are doing two special things to encourage festivalgoers to "come south" when the music ends and come visit us again in the future.

We're publishing a special "Come South" section that will be hand-delivered to 1,700 campsites at the festival, and we're staffing a booth to promote the region through our new Go Wild Rivers Coast mobile app.

If your business wants to be represented in either invitation to thousands of visitors, just give us a call at 541-469-3123.