The Curry Coastal Pilot

No one is everyone

Everyone does not exist, everyone should not be a word. You cannot edit unless you are willing to edit yourself.

Everyone does not believe in global warming, everyone does not believe in God. Everyone does not believe Jesus is coming back.

Everyone is not a Democrat, nor does everyone vote.

Everyone is not pro-choice, nor does everyone believe in indiscriminate abortions.

Everyone is not honest, nor is everyone a loyal American.

Not everyone has some kind of prejudice, but I've never met one who doesn't. Everyone may not be as smart as they think they are, but that may be obvious.

In the mood to be daring, I drove down Easy Street and stopped at the stop sign behind the health food store; it was still 20 feet to the intersection. I snuck forward until I could see both ways and continued on. Boy, was that a breath-stopper. Feeling the need for a little more excitement, I drove down to Fred Meyer and watched the crazies in the parking lot.

Don't you just love the flowers on Chetco?

A final note: Everybody will die; maybe sooner than they planned

Come on, Pilot, a summer attitude for vacationers? How about a year-round attitude for visitors.

A new idea for Curry County - a property tax. My God!

Clifton Siemens


Right to vote raise?

Thanks to Scott Graves for seeing the light.

Time and again, Home Rule advocates work their heads off holding meetings to explain the more honest, intelligent form of government, namely Home Rule. This year, our commissioners, paid far more than most of their electors, handily won the game with thousands of buzz word signs announcing, "Don't give up your right to vote. Vote No on Home Rule." It was a lie, but it worked.

Now I have one question for these majority of voters. Did the commissioners give YOU a right to vote on their raises in salary? Their only way to get their raises is by raising your taxes and stealing from the Road Department. Next time, Think and say "No" to their buzz word signs.

Ardell Wieczorek


Reason vs theism

This is a response to Jim Schultz's "Faith Forum" article "Human beings still hunger for need logic."

Logic and reason are diametrically opposed to theism.

The human species exists because it has evolved dynamic intellectual wile.

Time and the slow, torturous processes of natural selection have engineered the creation of a unique nervous system which enables the human to understand and adapt to extraordinarily fickle and capricious environments. That uniqueness is responsible for its survival and its domination of all life on planet earth. Unfortunately, the majority of human life is ruled by fear and superstition.

The anomaly of "consciousness," has created within the reasoning mind of incipient man, an arrogance related to his assumed value as a form of life. He has, in his developing mind, risen above the worth of all other life and he has generated "divine" abstractions which promise immortality and great rewards in an "afterlife."

The time has come in the history of mankind, when he has the potential, the ability and desire to end all life as it exists.

If the human population is not drastically culled by a cataclysmic event, either naturally or man made, within the next 50 years, the human population will double! The dedicated believer in mythical god will increase proportionately! If you think mankind is in trouble now, wait until the cage becomes too small for a malfunctioning genetic predator reacting instinctively!

If colossal reduction in human population occurs, survivors will have been taught that the deadly fad of greed and the fantasy of fanatical theism were illogical facets of evolving man's historical character. The processes of "natural selection" will hopefully succeed in producing a wiser, stronger human species by wisdom gained in having experienced the threshold of extinction!

"Skip" Howard


Commissioners' COLA

I don't agree with many of the editorials that appear in the Pilot but Scott Graves's in the July 2 edition is an exception.

He is right on.

I applaud Susan Brown for her stance on this issue. I don't know what "team" Commissioners Itzen and Smith are on but it sure isn't the Curry County Team.

How can they let the Veteran Service Officer go while they give themselves a raise and hire an assistant? I always was told there is no I in team. Guess they never heard that.

The kicker is: "Giving everyone COLAs and PERS reimbursements is only part of the solution to the county's fiscal woes." This is their solution?

Allan W. Stewart


Smoke and mirrors

Thanks to Scott Graves for his excellent Opinion article on Wednesday July 2. He puts the county's financial situation completely in perspective.

Our selfish little scoundrels (commissioners) have helped themselves from county funds, increasing their already generous remuneration package, while perpetrating the oldest smoke and mirrors scam in the book by asking residents to pay more in house taxes for the jail.

The trick is that, if the initiative passes, the scoundrels will remove existing funding from the jail paying for the jail with the new taxes; the existing funding will be used for other purposes including the pay raise for them.

I have invited them via this media to take a reduction in pay in line with median income for the locality. I have also asked them what good they do.

David Itzen and David Brock-Smith have responded by giving themselves a raise. Susan Brown, to her credit, has declined the raise. This should seal the fate of the tax increase.

The commissioners should apologize to Sheriff John Bishop.

Roger Mitchell


Helping the people

We at Brookings Harbor Community Food Bank certainly empathize with The Outreach Gospel Mission's article, June 21 issue of the Pilot. On Friday, June 27, our food bank distributed 39 boxes to 94 people! During the first six months of 2014 we have given out 1,850 boxes to 5,586 residents.

As clarification, the cost of Fresh Alliance products, a gleaning program of Oregon Food Bank, has dropped from 18 cents per pound to 15 cents per pound as compensation for spoilage and out-of-date products which are thrown out. The cost per pound of other non-USDA products from South Coast Food Share, our regional food bank, remains at 14 cents. USDA products come to us at no charge. As ruled by Feeding America and USDA, we, and the Mission, are instructed to give at least three to five days worth of meals as best we are able. Our boxes consist of approximately 65 pounds of food for families of 3-4. Our food bank offers a box of food once a month as does the Mission's.

Brookings Harbor Food Bank operates strictly on donations from the wonderful individuals, churches, businesses and clubs in this area. You know who you are and we graciously accept and are forever thankful for all that you do to keep our doors open. We receive a small United Way grant every year for food purchases and grants to keep our holiday and summer nutritional Snack Sacks for children available.

All in all, the needs of the hungry in our community have not diminished. We plan to continue to help feed the families and individuals who come to us for a hand up, not a hand out, with your help.

Julie Davis,

executive director

Brookings Harbor Community Helpers, Inc.