The Curry Coastal Pilot

Let's take a look

Thanks to Jane Stebbins for keeping us posted on the NOAA marine sanctuary nomination process.

This is a controversial subject in Curry County, but I agree with Leesa Cobb, who was quoted in the article. The County commissioners, port commissions, cities, and citizens who have been so vociferous in their opposition "have taken themselves out of the discussion ... real early in the game."

Like Cobb, I think this doesn't seem like a great strategy. To me, the benefits are likely to far outweigh any downside. Especially when the negatives we've heard so much about have been refuted as misunderstandings and suspicions without basis in fact.

Curry County is desperately in need of economic development, but I don't see anything on the horizon. No new timber mills, no federal timber subsidies, no industry, no LNG terminals such as Jordan Cove in Coos Bay (and thanks for that last one at least). One new golf course, one new resort here or there does not prosperity make - even if the price in compromised coastal values were not so high.

A National Marine Sanctuary off Curry County is not like other development. Even after approval, the people will have a voice in how it is administered - forever.

It's become difficult to trust government on any level, but I think we have to remember that the government is us. Let's take a closer look at that partnership and how we might bring home some of the tax money we send to Washington every year.

Penelope Suess

Port Orford

Gratitude for grant

Brookings Harbor Community Theater wishes to thank BHEF, Brookings Harbor Education Foundation, for the opportunity to earn a matching grant award.

BHEF offered us a $500 matching grant, to be awarded if we raised an additional $500. On Tuesday, July 24, we received a check from one of our dearest theater patrons for $500 and our grant challenge was met! What wonderful gifts!

We are thankful for the support and encouragement BHEF has given our theater company over the years and we appreciate everything they do for education, children, and our community. BHEF raises funds for grants to benefit local educational endeavors in Brookings through the foundation. They have been able to give over $25,000 in grants to various projects, including several in the arts, music, math and cooking.

We have enjoyed working with BHEF in a variety of theatrical fundraisers and we are thrilled to be a recipient for this grant.

Our sincerest thanks to the board of BHEF and to our theater patrons who support live theater in our community.

Lynette McPherson,


Brookings Harbor

Community Theater


Get the truth, voters

There are so many miscalculations and errors in this White House administration's leadership that not one liberal can find a good word to write about.

Every week I read the Pilot and those that are Democrats to the core have stopped writing about Obama and his regime.

If our state of Oregon voters don't get educated by watching Fox News then the current Democratic grip will take us all down with them.

Our governor has lost $200 million given to him by Obamacare and I don't hear a word about where that money went? Peter DeFazio and Jeff Merkley do whatever Pelosi and Reid tell them and that is always to follow Obama's request. Merkley is already slamming Monica Wehby in his TV commercials and her background as a highly thought of physician is exactly what we need to help with new and good ideas in the formation of a new health plan.

Unfortunately for us our voters don't get the truth of our political turmoil from the press, so I expect whatever Democrat is in office (especially in Oregon) will retain that seat. I can hardly wait for Obamacare to be run by the likes of Lois Learner and the IRS.

As a Tea Party supporter I'll be picked to see my doctor first. Wow, and you think the VA was poorly run, just you wait!

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Be kind to each other

I am very upset what has happened to the Democratic Headquarters.

This is the third time in three years that the Democratic office has been vandalized. What ever happened to compassion and understanding. We all have different opinions and religions. Whatever happened to Love your Neighbor as Yourself and Do To Others as You Would Do Yourself?

I am so tired of this hate that has been spreading. It is about time we can be kind to each other, no matter what are opinions are. Please stop spreading hateful messages. We are all human beings.

Let's be kind to each other, whether you like our president or not. This nastiest has to go.

A little kindness can go a long way.

Lauren Diane Spector


All On the up and up

Re: Fleecing of taxpayers. I am glad there are people out there making sure that things are taking place on the up and up. This is important. In this case, however, the information in the Letter to the Editor was incorrect.

Last year, the School Board approved selling computers that the school was unable to use due to age and/or inability to run required programs. The memo allowed for use of newspaper, social media and other means to sell the items.

The staff computers sold will no longer run current versions of a program they use daily. The computers were purchased back in April/May 2009. They were not new. The computers were never valued at $1,000. The school paid around half that. The school checked eBay (Sold Listings) and it appeared the going rate was around $200-$250. Yes, there were 2009 Mac Minis that sold for more, but they had larger hard drives, more RAM or other upgrades that justified the higher cost. Each person who purchased a computer signed a receipt that listed the price paid and the school's inventory number.

The buyer only received the original system disks and the monitor adapter. They did not get the original packaging or anything else.

The cash and receipts were recorded. The funds collected were reconciled and balanced against the receipts and then deposited into the school's account and will be used to offset the cost of the new teacher computers.

I wish the person who questioned what was going on would simply have called Kalmiopsis rather than make public allegations of impropriety. I'm sure the school would have been happy to discuss why computers were being sold and the process being used to sell them.

Susan Griffith


Pay it forward

I am respectfully amazed at the professionalism of the Curry County Sheriff's Department and the leadership of John Bishop. The number of river rescues/recoveries that they do per year is simply a commitment to others regardless of risk to themselves. In addition to that, it would seem that every major crime in the county is solved in appropriate manner. Given the short-staffing and being under the budget cloud, these people are due significant respect from the people of Curry County.

When the crisis hits in Curry, I see Sheriff Bishop on the roll with his troops or on the water with his marine patrol. I envy his deputies the fact they work for a working sheriff.

That said for this: The people of Curry County need to get behind the Sheriff's Department and pass either a 1-percent sales tax (on everything) or pass a levy for law enforcement. A lot of crybabies complain that they shouldn't pay any more taxes and that the County should have fixed the money before it became a crisis. The property taxes were set in the late 50s when you could get a loaf of bread or a quart of milk for less than 50 cents. Where are we now on those two? Grow up.

I would ask mature adults to consider what Sheriff Bishop needs and give it to him in whatever way county counsel says we can. Losing the Sheriff's Department would destroy this county, not only leaving us broke but ruined.

As we grew up to be adults, someone else paid our way via taxes for our safety and education and all the benefits we now enjoy.

We need to pay it forward. There are youngsters behind us.

Ray Van Eck

Gold Beach

Cannot be trusted

It was reported in this community's Facebook group, Curry and Del Norte Chitter Chatter News and Forum, that County Commissioners were going to vote to raise commissioners and county employee salaries.

On Monday, the commissioners voted to give themselves and county employees a 2.6 percent cost of living increase, in addition to a 6.4 percent increase meant to cover the costs of their benefit program (PERS) for which they will now have to pay. This latter redistribution of costs was done, one might presume, so that the commissioners can later lament they have done everything possible to make ends meet, even cutting employees' benefits, in order to stave off impending bankruptcy. (Remember this should they ever state that deceit.)

The members of this often lively online group expressed varying amounts of incredulity and outrage. Indeed, following on the heels of the commissioners' recent decision to put forth a third ballot measure to increase property taxes, the timing of this is inappropriate - and outrageous.

A cost of living increase would be around 1.5 percent and even that, at this time, could excusably be foregone with the reminder to county employees that they are fortunate to still have their jobs.

No pay increase is warranted for the commissioners. But on Monday, the commissioners held a party and passed out monetary party favors. Whoopee!

Once again these commissioners have proven they are tone-deaf and cannot be trusted to handle the business of running our County.

Pamela Niles