The Curry Coastal Pilot

Please don't let that early summer rainstorm lull you into any sense of safety. This remains an early fire season, and the dangers remain very real - especially with so many of us headed out for holiday recreation. In fact, beach fires have been banned early by Oregon State Parks, with the possible exception of Sporthaven Beach.

Yes, it rained an inch or 2 over the past few days. But by Sunday, the National Weather Service predicts more of that 80-degree weather we saw a few weeks ago.

As forest residents know, that means things will dry out very quickly - certainly by the holiday weekend.

So please: Be careful with your holiday fireworks, your camping cookouts, any social fires, and any off-road vehicle travel. First, given some of the restrictions, be sure your fire or fireworks activity is in a legal location. Make sure you are working in a clear space, that you have a hose or bucket of water handy, and that there's always an able-bodied, alert adult on "patrol" for the safety of all concerned.