The Curry Coastal Pilot

Goodwill good will

This is in response to Ms. Hopkins recent letter regarding the Goodwill store opening soon in Brookings.

I've heard much in the way of criticism of Goodwill since finding out that it's coming soon.

If well paid executives and corporations bother you, simply donate and shop elsewhere. Many folk over 62 and on limited incomes need the option a store like Goodwill affords.

Please don't try and force us to have your point of view.

Joe Haynes


Fly signs for Taxes

June 21 was an interesting (Pilot) edition.

The article about raising property taxes. In a nutshell - "the board still needs to learn what citizens are willing to pay for before they ... toss everything at the wall and see what sticks. ... will ask voters for a property tax increase of 72 cents per $1,000 assessed valuation. ... A September ballot will cost the county about $25,000. ... Currently, Curry County pays the second lowest property tax in the state, at 59.9 cents per $1,000 valuation. Property here, however, is assessed the sixth highest. Between that and the floundering economy, residents have been reluctant to implement a tax of any sort. ... Sheriff Bishop said he doesn't want to ask voters for a property tax increase in November, when people are receiving their tax bills. Instead, he prefers a May election. ..."

"But money is getting tighter with each passing month", said county accountant.

They want us to vote on more than doubling our taxes (election costing us $25,000).

There is also the article about Goodwill coming to town. So taxpayers will have a place to purchase old clothing to wear because our cost of living is also getting tight.

The Sheriff thinks it will bamboozle the taxpayers if the vote on this is not near their tax date. Then, the article about the homeless panhandlers. ...

I have a brilliant idea. How about allowing the taxpayers to legally panhandle? Imagine - Throngs of citizens flying signs that say Must Pay Twice as Much Tax. Anything Helps. God Bless.

Melissa Bishop

Elk River

Trashing homeless

I think the new $250 fine for giving money to the homeless is a great step forward.

These folks sitting in front of our stores on corners are often drug addicts and alcoholics. They often steal what isn't given to them. Also, where do you think they go at night? They either squat in an empty house that is up for rent or sale, or they camp in the woods by the highway, posing safety risks to the public in the area.

Crimes are rising and homeless population is rising. Could their possibly be a correlation? Hmmm.

Maybe we could give them tickets for throwing their trash all over those street corners. Have you ever taken a look where they hang out? It isn't like they don't have the time to visit the trash can.

Michael McDonald


Cowardly Vandalism

On Wednesday, June 25, 2014, a coward vandalized the Curry County Democrats' Headquarters on Highway 101, Chetco Avenue, in Brookings, for the third time in three years. This building is not owned by Curry Democrats, but space is leased.

If the expected result is to intimidate Curry County Democrats, it failed. Just like other acts of domestic terrorism, Americans - and in this case Curry Democrats - just unite.

Curry County Democrats encourage discussion of values, policies, programs and of all people's values. We are firm believers in the First Amendment, Freedom of Speech.

However, an attempt to stifle "Freedom of Speech" through intimidation is not supposed to occur in America. Rather than breaking our windows, come in and have a discussion of your views and beliefs. In the end we might agree to disagree; but we might also find areas of agreement. I am a Vietnam War veteran and I fought to protect your right to disagree, even vehemently, but nowhere in the Constitution does it give individuals the right to be a thug and disrespectful of others' rights to believe what they choose.

Come in and talk; but please do not revert to cowardly vandalism.

Terry Brayer, chair



Infringes on rights

When I first read about the new county ordinance making it illegal to give money to people on the street asking for help, I was not going to respond.

But the more I thought about the infringement on my civil rights to do what I want with my money and help those in my chosen way I could not resist writing a letter expressing my concerns.

Not only do I feel that the new ordinance infringes on my civil rights, and my religious rights, it also insults the teachings of the Bible to love, care for, feed, minister to and not judge the poor. This new ordinance is going to restrict my freedom.

Furthermore, I have never been harassed or hindered in anyway by the people who are asking for help!

I am hoping that this ordinance is thrown out by a higher court.

D. Allan Smith


Fleecing of taxpayers

While searching Brookville for a new computer, I stumbled across an ad for MiniMac Towers being sold by our school district for $200 cash. Estimated value $1K.

I am outraged! My hard earned tax dollars are being squandered by the current administration. It gets worse. Teachers flying to Las Vegas and Michigan for training at our expense.

I demand the superintendent and board chair be replaced immediately. It is time we hit the reset button and clean house.

This takes place while our district begs the public to stuff the bus for the classroom supplies. Just how corrupt is this leadership?

Property tax increase-over my dead body! Too many costly mistakes have been made in the last 12 months. It is time for action!

Lucy Snodgrass


Water, not nickel

The Oregon portion of the North Fork Smith River watershed on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest is being targeted for a large nickel mine that would devastate the area for recreation.

Proposed test drilling for the nickel mine requires thousands of gallons of water. On June 6, 2014, the Red Flat Nickel Corp. (owned by St. Peter Port Capital, United Kingdom) applied to Oregon Water Resources Department for a five-year limited license to take public water from Taylor Creek for industrial mining purposes. A public comment period is open until July 8, 2014, for individuals to express their opposition to this limited license application.

I urge everyone to politely tell the director of Oregon Water Resources Department that the application for limited license LL1533 must be denied because the water use would impair and be detrimental to the public interest.

All available public water in the Smith River system is either appropriated for recreational use or is needed to support important recreational fisheries and provide critical habitat for the federally threatened coho salmon. Proposed industrial test drilling with viper drills, helicopters, giant water bladders, thousands of feet of hoses, and noisy pumps is not in the public's interest for ongoing economically important recreation.

The application is premature because impact analysis of water use has not been completed by the Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest. Oregon Water Resources Department, 725 Summer Street NE, Suite A Salem, OR 97301 or or 503-986-0900.

Rich Nawa