The Curry Coastal Pilot

O'Neal gone again

It appears Sam Vitali, VVA Chapter 757 president, in his letter to the editor on June 11, was unaware that, although Veterans Service Officer Kimberly O'Neal, after an outpouring of support from local veterans, had rescinded her letter of resignation at the county commissioners meeting on June 4 and the commissioners had accepted it, but because the harassment and lack of support by Commissioners Itzen and Smith continued, she resigned again.

Kimberly is not just the Veterans Service officer; she is also a Disabled American Veteran and suffers from PTSD.

Kimberly justified $16 million in benefits for Curry County veterans in the past year. This is economic development money that is spent right here. She did such a great job that the growth in claims was overwhelming her ability to serve our veterans and she asked the commissioners for an additional V.S.O. to help her. Instead, they told her the county was broke, and then hired an additional person for the commissioners' office.

Kimberly replaced V.S.O. Frank Van Meter who was loved by all, but died unexpectedly. Frank was single and voluntarily had requested his salary be reduced by $1000 a month prior to his death. Kimberly, who has two children to support, was hired at the reduced salary Frank requested and was denied pay raises while commissioners granted promotions, and pay raises to others and continued to hire additional people all while claiming the county was broke.

Kimberly is moving to Roseburg to get on with her life and it's a tremendous loss to the veterans of this county thanks to Commissioners Itzen and Smith's lack of support for county veterans.

I certainly hope that when the time comes at the ballot box, all Curry County veterans will remember this and vote accordingly.

Robert Dietz


Truth, reality, sense

I see where the folks trying to get Curry County to adopt a Home Rule Charter are again asking residents for their opinion on the subject.

They will need to show just how this will benefit the county in simple plain English.

My opinion is probably unique but it is based on truth, reality and common sense. It is my belief that it is completely irrelevant whether it passes or not. You need to take a hard look at the big picture and I can tell you it is not pretty. As our highly-paid, do-nothing congressmen sit on their duff, the executive branch of our government has become a lawless entity determined to destroy the quality of life and the rule of law for all Americans.

This country is yet again being overrun by tens of thousands of illegal invaders who have been invited to come here and get a free pass to citizenship. They are not coming alone. Most are coming from Central America and they are bringing communicable sickness such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, dengue fever, measles and many other diseases along with internal and external parasites.

They are not being screened and are being turned loose in American society with little or no processing. This is complete insanity and a terrible crime against the American people.

The Border Patrol has been ordered to stand down and keep its mouth shut under the threat of criminal arrest. One has to wonder, how long before the chickens come home to roost?

Arthur Larason


Substitute secret?

Kathrine Johnson, in the Public Forum last Wednesday, writes what she learned during her first year on the school board. That some things are confidential? Not much more.

One would hope for more substance. As an example - when a teacher does not show up for class a substitute has to be hired. The taxpayers get billed for two salaries that day. One would hope Ms. Johnson would average the number of days all teachers are off leading to the identity of those consistently more than one standard deviation over the average. They should be counseled.

Or is the percent of the school budget for substitutes confidential?

R. H. Morneau Jr., retired


Litter bugs me

How to get rid of the homeless problem in Harbor: Give them a big fat fine for littering.

The corners that they gather on are always littered with their trash.

Michael McDonald


Alcohol is worse

In response to Mr. Wallenten's decrying the legality of medical marijuana's availability at the local dispensaries:

I would respond by saying that the effects of alcohol are and can be far more adverse and is readily available throughout town and the proceeds of the taxing of the sale of these products funds services provided to the citizens of our community!

Just saying.

Gary West


Visitor aids with fire

This is a very special "Thank You" to Connor Blackford from four ladies walking on the beach on Saturday, June 14. Connor is a caring and considerate young man who helped control a beach bonfire found smoldering on Saturday morning.

Nearly every Saturday a group of people participate in a morning walk sponsored by the Gold Beach Senior Center and led by Peggy Adams. As we walked the beach north of the jetty, we discovered a beach bonfire that someone attempted to cover with sand and likely left thinking the fire was out. Not so!

The wind on Saturday morning was fanning the embers and creating smoke. We called 911 to report the fire and stayed on location until the firefighters arrived. Well, where there is smoke, there is fire. Sure enough flames began appearing as we stood there. We tried to put the flames out with sand, but some of the logs sat high in the sand and would not be covered.

We noticed Connor on the beach and asked him to watch for the firefighters. Without hesitation Connor used a winch attached to his ATV to carefully drag two burning logs to the waterline and then went to find the firefighters. He guided the firefighters to our location where they went right to work putting out the fire andhellip;. a job well done by the Gold Beach firefighters who also deserve a big "Thank You!"

Connor told the beach walkers he and his family visit Gold Beach every year and he was leaving town the following Monday. When we thanked him for his assistance, Connor said he was glad to help because we all have to take care of the beach so we can enjoy it.

Cheryl Seaton

Gold Beach

A serious need

The Outreach Gospel Mission has been inundated with requests for food during the month of June.

Families of three children up to five have been coming to the OGM doors seven days a week. This past Monday (June 16, 2014), OGM distributed over 200 pounds of food in a three hour time frame.

As we are a small ministry, we need large help with this demand. I can assure you that those requesting this type of assistance are not "panhandlers"; these are families with serious needs. As well, we are feeding those who are in need of shelter. That averages 40-45 meals a day.

Please drop off any type of food at the main mission at 15701 Highway 101 in Harbor or at Shabby-Chic, 702 Chetco Avenue, beginning Tuesday, the 24th of June.

Thank you for helping us help others.

Michael J. Olsen ,

executive director

Outreach Gospel


Grateful for pot Rx

In response to a recent letter to the editor that stated how medical marijuana is still illegal under federal laws, I would like to say that Oregon is not alone in decriminalization and legalization of marijuana and I am glad for it.

My wife has been through cancer surgery, lost her larynx, has rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative discs, and suffers from a very rare blood disorder called Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT).

She was prescribed medical marijuana because she can take nothing that thins her blood. All pain medications she could take either thin the blood or are hard on the liver. She did not ask for this prescription; it was suggested.

While the recent changes in marijuana laws may not be to your liking, we are grateful Oregon has the sense to pass this law and ignore the federal lies.

I feel for anyone who has experienced a family or friend getting lost on drugs. However, when people claim that marijuana was the first in a bad string of substance abuse, I find that it was usually alcohol, not marijuana that was first.

Shane Stephens