The Curry Coastal Pilot

Nazis and neocons

It looks like our new Nazi allies are at it again over in the Ukraine.

Our wonderful Obama-supported friends have been bombing hospitals, holding journalists hostage and even had the creativity to shoot civilians in the back at a polling place in the Eastern Ukraine. There are five Nazis in the Ukrainian government; they are part of an organization called the Right Sector.

It seems a little bit strange that our first black president would support a Nazi collaborator government over in the Ukraine, but then again Obama the Nobel Peace Prize winner does a lot of strange things.

Obama and John Kerry are willing to support a bunch of Ukrainian Nazis because Vladimar Putin would not let them launch a full-scale invasion of Syria like they wanted to. Obama and NATO start supporting the so-called rebels against the Syrian government in 2011 and look at how that turned out. Some of these so-called rebels have spilled over in Iraq and they want to create the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq.

Our Russophobia got us into this whole mess in the first place. Ronald Reagan the magnificent thought it would be a great idea to train folks like Osama Bin Laden to fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan. How did that turn out? The Soviets left and we are still there. How do you like them apples?

Our foreign policy has been going downhill since then, thanks to the Neoconservatives. Leave Russia alone and get out of the Middle East now!

Joe Thomas


The good and bad

Recently my daughter, grandson and her boyfriend were involved in a rollover accident headed up the Checto River.

After an ambulance ride to the hospital to get checked out everyone was luckily okay. Through the ordeal we saw some of the best and worst in people.

Let's start with the good. The paramedics with Cal-Ore were top notch professionals. While I nervously waited in the waiting room at Sutter Coast for them to get admitted and checked out in the emergency room, one of the paramedics found me to let me know that everyone appeared to be okay. The nurses and doctors there were great.

And now the not so good. There were five cars that drove by the scene of the accident before someone stopped. The truck was upside down, my daughter was holding her crying son next to it and they were too busy to stop to see if someone needed help.

Then on Monday came another surprise. They went down to the tow company to pay the tow bill and try to figure out what to do with the truck. To their shock the bill was $1,350. Since they didn't have towing coverage I told them to speak to the owner to see if he was willing to work with them. He told them that he would graciously give them a 20 percent discount if they paid it in full, otherwise he would charge them $45 a day for storage and after 15 days he would turn the bill over to a collection agency.

I recently spent over $1,300 at this very store on new tires. There are other places to get tires, other tow companies and other mechanics in town. It's businesses like this that make shopping local very difficult.

Dave Rigel


Reserve Reservations

Occasionally my wife and I camp and fish at Port Orford.

Recently I picked up their Beacon Publication and was saddened to read that an out-of-state federal agency is trying to sell the community on more control of our oceans and not listening to recent overwhelming opposition.

What part of "no" don't they understand?

Businesses and retirees are leaving California in record numbers because of turmoil in that state. No one is talking about how great marine reserves and sanctuaries are except for the people who want more of them.

Remember, our ocean is healthy according to ODFW, and has provided a good life for Oregonians. Please don't allow Oregon to become like California. Say "no" to outside influences.

Lou Costa


Careless disposal

To the person who threw their cigarette into a dry planter area at Fred Meyer on Saturday, June 14, let it be known that it started a fire next to a lady's car parked in the blue zone.

Luckily, we had water in our car and put the fire out!

The lady was frightened needlessly with your carelessness. This could have been much worse. Think about it!

JandJ McCollister


Grandparent scam

Yesterday, I received a call from someone saying they were my grandson.

He said he was in Puerta Vallarta with two of his friends, one of whom had some free airline tickets down there. They had an accident and my grandson was driving - $2,400 in damages. The judge had taken their passports and given them 24 hours to pay the damages in order to get the passports back. Their plane was leaving at 9 p.m., and he just wanted to get home. One parent had already wired them $1,200 and would I wire the additional $1,200 - not to him but to Consuelo Diaz, their lawyer at the American Consulate.

Thanks to the people at Fred Meyer and Western Union, I was told of this SCAM. My daughter texted my grandson, who was in Oklahoma where he lives; he knew nothing of this, and I was saved $1,200.


Wilma Shelton


Time's perspective

Re: The "inappropriate reading material" offered by a specific high school English teacher.

In 1950, on the last day of my junior year of high school, our third year English teacher gave us a summer reading list, which included John Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath." Since school was out, I went to the city library to request the book.

Our city librarian, a middle-aged single lady, read over the list, proclaimed all the titles inappropriate for teenagers, and refused to allow me to check out any of them. She reported this "breach of morality" to the school board, and that teacher's contract was not renewed for the following year. White Salmon, Washington, lost an excellent English teacher.

I suspect, in 2014, "The Grapes of Wrath" is approved reading for teenagers as historical fiction, portraying the actual migration and hardships endured by many Oklahoma families during the 1930s, due to the Dust Bowl and The Great Depression (Some of their children were my classmates).

Perhaps this inappropriate story of 2014 will be acceptable by 2078?

But really, my point is why couldn't these parents have gone to the teacher, requesting an alternate assignment since this one was inappropriate for their children? And, how did this teacher acquire the story, if it had not been approved for teenagers by the committee in charge of approving high school instructional materials?

We may have lost an excellent teacher over a situation which could have been avoided.

Think about it.

Claire Haight, age 81,


Bigger not better

I am an avid thrift-store shopper.

When I heard that our local Humane Society Thrift Shop was moving to a bigger location in Harbor, I was elated.

I visited the new store within the first week of opening. I was dismayed at the parking lot. Upon entering the lot, which turned out to be full with shoppers, I had to back up the length of the lot, as it's not wide enough to pull out and drive forward.

I spoke to a board member regarding this issue and was told the organization will be working with ODOT to correct the problem. It was suggested that they reconfigure the lot to have an Entrance and Exit "Only," which makes a lot of sense. However, I was also told that ODOT moves very slowly in getting anything approved - i.e.: Constitution Way.

Only yesterday, I saw cars parking on Highway 101 so as not to deal with the parking lot. With cars whizzing by at 55 to 65 mph, how long will it be until we seen an accident? Or, how many of us are avoiding shopping there because of a possible fender bender?

I say we owe it to the animals that benefit from the proceeds, and us die-hard thrift store shoppers to take care of this problem sooner rather than later.

Kim Chambers


It's against the law

Brookings' medical marijuana dispensary (Banana Belt Safe Access Center): It's a violation of the federal law, by the city, county, state and the federal government.

Federal law preempts the state law. Therefore, it is against the law to have medical marijuana.

I had a daughter that started with marijuana and progressed to hard drugs, ended up in prison.

Family members had to raise two children.

Harry Wallenten