The Curry Coastal Pilot

Mentally unhealthy

Another senseless shooting, and still we crusade about guns!

The problem is not guns, it is the mental health of our citizens, particularly our children. We obviously need a substantial program for the testing and treatment of mental health to remove this plague from our society.

Where did the concept derive from that it makes it so easy for someone to become a killer with no regard for the value of life? Perhaps the promise of instant international notoriety from exposure on YouTube; maybe the insipid satisfaction of accomplishing something in an otherwise valueless and unappreciated life, and maybe the misdirected values of our society. Maybe parents who are more self-focused than child-focused. Do the parents of these creatures feel that they have done a wonderful job raising their children?

Our wimpy politicians, who are always ready to avoid facing a real problem and who feel sanctimonious by jumping on popular, often misdirected, and usually emotionally driven crusades (anti-gun, anti-NRA, anti-common sense, pro-scare tactics, pro triviality, pro vote purchasing, etc., etc., ad infinitum), they know that the massive cost of a real mental health system with mandated, not voluntary, confinement, would be enormous. We might have to raise taxes on everyone, not keep pretending that the rich and super rich can pay for everyone! Maybe we have to curtail voting rights to those who paid income taxes, to people who have a demonstrated vested interest in the nation.

One of the major fears would be who would create, manage, and administer such a program? Politicians? Psychiatrists? Attorneys? Environmentalists? None of those rate very high in my book, too much need for fame and riches and too many opportunities to gouge society. That, I am afraid, is another, maybe insurmountable problem.

Stuart Johnson,


Volunteer more Tax

I've found a solution to the County's financial problems. 62.89 percent of Curry County voters decided they liked Commissioners Itzen and Smith's all chiefs and no Indians, greedy, corrupt, expensive, and secretive county government, and voted against the Curry County Home Rule Charter during the May election.

They also decided they liked Russian style democracy where only one candidate's name appears on the ballot; therefore they voted to protect their right to vote for that person no matter how unqualified they might be.

There is no law that says a citizen can't voluntarily pay more taxes to the county than they owe, so if each of these voters/taxpayers doubles their property tax contribution, the county's financial problem is over.

I think it would only be appropriate that folks like the D.A. that published his white paper packed with false information concerning the Charter, the editor of the Pilot, the owner and editor of the Curry County Reporter and the Port Orford News, as well as House Representative Whine Krieger and Commissioners Itzen and Smith that all repeated this false information should be the first to step up and double their property tax contribution.

These are the same folks that for years have perpetuated the big lie that Curry has the second lowest property tax rate in the state. In Curry County there are 44 special tax districts like school, library, fire districts, etc., in addition to the county property tax. In most other counties these services are provided by the County and appear as a single tax instead of separated like ours making it appear we pay less.

Ralph Martin


Editing and Crediting

What is up with the Curry Coastal Pilot's ability to properly edit and give credit?

In the article "Tree grower presents talk on champion redwoods" the author put quotations around the words global warming, as if to imply there were no such thing. Since the Pilot does not credit the author, I must assume that the entire staff of the Pilot needs educating.

Global warming is real. Everyone agrees it is real. What they disagree on is the cause. Take the quotation marks off of the word and look a little smarter.

In the article "Richard Yock wants city's biosolids" I see the words: fertil- izer, after- noon, Milli- man, de- watering, mate- rial, biosol- ids, in- crease, neigh- bors, molybde- num, encour- age and con- cerns. While it is obvious what happened, I am curious why it has remained so obviously wrong.

Doesn't the Pilot staff have an editor or someone that reads the articles online? Fix your typos and look a little smarter.

Shane Stephens


Thank you, CCBC!

Great news! Our Veterans Service officer is staying on to serve veterans in our county.

I know a lot of veterans and their families are happy that she decided to stay in the position. Hopefully, a grant can be obtained to get her some help, because Curry County has the largest per capita of veterans in the state. Veterans and those who have served make up one-third of the county population.

My saying regarding the communication between the commissioners and the VSO is: "Use missteps as stepping stones to deepen understanding and greater achievement."

More exciting news for veterans and families of Curry County! The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 757 and the VFW Post 966, Brookings, have each received a substantial amount of money from an anonymous donor to help veterans and their families who are in need in Curry County. To obtain more information you can call the VVA 757 in Brookings/Harbor at 541-469-6443 or the VFW Post 966 in Brookings at 541-412-7214.

We want to thank this donor for their tremendous donation to our veterans and families!

God Bless America - Home of the Brave and Land of the Free!

Sam Vitale, VVA Chapter 757