The Curry Coastal Pilot

Strangers' Kindness

I became very ill in Fred Meyer's on May 5. Two ladies that were customers stayed with me when I was on the floor in the restroom. Another woman went for help and a staff person stayed with me until the ambulance arrived.

The kindness that was shown to me by strangers has been overwhelming. They are very special people and I thank them with all my heart.

Sara Kruse

Crescent City

Better to see you

With summer here and school almost out, I'd like to ask people to remember that, while black clothes are fashionable, they are very difficult to see at night.

I work at a job that requires me to leave for work at 10 p.m. Almost every night I suddenly come up on someone that is walking or riding bicycles/skateboards either on the road or in the bike lane. This is especially in Harbor after the speed limit changes to 55. They are almost always wearing black.

It has gotten to the point that I am nervous every night when I leave for work.

With the recent death of a pedestrian in front of Lucky 7, let this be a reminder to at least wear something in light colors or, better yet, carry a flashlight while walking.

Parents, please be sure to share this with your children. Not only would it be tragic for someone to be killed because of this, but imagine the pain for the driver of an automobile to go through.

Thank you.

Annie Prince


Not Much revenue

No one commented when I suggested a county gas tax to fund the sheriff's department.

Oh! excuse me, now the city wants a gas tax to fund the sewer system. I'm beginning to think sewercide is the only answer. Oops. I misspoke, we are going to fix the roads.

After Fred Meyer we had two blocks of four-lane road on Railroad Street; after Bi-Mart, we had one block of new paving, the rest of Railroad is a piece of crap. Five hundred thousand dollars of revenue won't do much. But, a county-wide gas tax will fund the sheriff's office.

I remember the mess on Constitution and the by-pass farce.

Let's face it, we are running out of revenue.

The county nor the city can build sand castles on the backs of the citizens. We have an empty motel, bar and restaurant; there are enough empty motel rooms to host a convention.

You can find a seat in any restaurant in town except (on) Mother's Day.

The only place I have waited for service is my bank. I waited 17 minutes at the drive-up window while one teller tried to serve the line of customers inside and three other employees wandered around; I drove off.

It's much like the post office, Social Security, Medicare and the VA.

Clifton Siemens


What's a Life worth?

How much money would you pay for a 13-year-old's life?

When you hire a county deputy you get a man on duty 24-hours a day. Terry Brown was not on duty, yet risked his life to save a local boy from the surf at Harris Beach in the city of Brookings.

With all the tourist dollars we're trying to attract this summer and year-round, should we not provide 24-hour coverage within the county for their safety?

We need to replace the six deputies that we have lost over the last 21 years due to budget cuts. No one wants to use road money but the safety of our kids and grandkids is more important than saving for a rainy day.

If the road washes out this winter, the state or federal government could help us find the money to repair the roads but they cannot bring back a life of one of our children.

Sandra Ensley


Firing the fireworks

My concern from now till our next substantial rainfall is a fire.

Already I am hearing firecrackers and rockets going off in my neighborhood and I'm asking PLEASE everyone be responsible. STOP doing fireworks.

We have high heat, gusty winds and drought conditions, a bad combination for a potential fire. Also, should we even be selling fireworks? And with the vets trying to raise money for the firework show, couldn't that money feed a lot of people, i.e. food bank, or take care of a lot of pets at the shelter.

This event may draw a crowd but does this crowd produce revenue into the city pockets.

Rosa Cimino


Give blood in June

Summer is finally here, the season we've all been waiting for. It's the season to enjoy ball games and barbecues. But for the Red Cross, it's also the time of year when blood donors are needed. Collecting blood during the summer can be challenging as nearly 20 percent of the blood collected comes from high schools and colleges, which as you know are not in session.

While many Americans are grilling out and enjoying time with family and friends, patients still need donated blood. Eligible donors can do their part by making an appointment to donate this June.

The American Red Cross knows summer calendars fill up fast. That's why eligible donors are being asked to schedule their appointment today to help collect the 15,000 units of blood that are needed each day in the U.S. Kick off summer with a blood donation through the Red Cross.

Donating is quick and easy and, like all good things this time of year, it's worth celebrating!

Make your donation appointment today at or by calling 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767).

andbull;Monday, June 23: noon to 6 p.m., Star of the Sea Catholic Church, 820 Old County Rd., Brookings

andbull;Tuesday, June 24: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Star of the Sea Catholic Church

andbull;Wednesday, June 25: 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., Docia Sweet Hall, Curry County Fairgrounds, 29392 Ellensburg Ave., Gold Beach

Thank you so much for helping get the word out about these opportunities to save lives. Please contact me with any questions or for further information.

Christina Martin (Dunlap), territory representative

American Red Cross


Respect the trails

Over the years, you, Charles, Bill and Jane have done a great job of reminding us how the hiking trails in Curry County are treasures to be utilized, appreciated, protected and respected.

Because of our weather and terrain, our trails are fragile and easily destroyed. It was very unfortunate (and irresponsible) that Saturday's article, "Arch Rock: a place to play and picnic," told "thrill seekers" out there to "jump over the fence ... plenty of loose bits of rock to make it more difficult."

Our search and rescue volunteers don't need more people falling down hillside cliffs. The trails have been well planned by state personnel and hikers should follow them.

Walt Schroeder had a mission and a passion to recruit many volunteers over the years to enjoy, build, maintain and use trails throughout the county. He worked tirelessly in cooperation with the local state park directors to use hundreds of volunteer hours to fill the void where funds didn't allow the state to keep up the Oregon Coast Trail, a project for which Walt was recognized by the state.

Walt was sure to organize two-day work parties about four times per year when he would bring all the tools necessary to make it easy for anyone to help out. Walt coordinated the building of the trail to Brandy Peak eight years ago when he was 78!

Monica Adams has worked almost daily for years on sections of the coast trails to make them safe and accessible and at the same time serves as an incredible ambassador of encouragement to multitudes of local and visiting hikers.

So instead of finding shortcuts around obstacles, let the park system know when you encounter overgrowing vegetation, trees blocking pathways or washouts that have destroyed a part of a trail.

Glenn Kral


Rude 'Blue Bead'

Congratulations to the graduates of BHHS class of 2014!

The ceremony was very special and so well done. However, my condolences to the "Blue Bead" family who missed the entire event. Your family and friends reserved seating for seven or eight of you by placing blue beads on the bench in front of them.

Everyone was respectful of the saved seating until no one ever came to claim those seats. Meanwhile, the rest of us were squeezed together like sardines, leaving no room for our family members to be near us.

To the "Blue Bead" family, I hope you were comfortable and had plenty of leg room. You must be so proud of your act of Unkindness! ... And they live among us. ...

J.E Taylor, aka Grandma