The Curry Coastal Pilot

A beautiful float

I would like to acknowledge the following individuals that made the Central Building Float a success during the Azalea Festival Parade: Tony Baron, Curtis Wohlgemuth, Tamara Garcia, Eldon Gossett, Rosalie Beals, Angie Bruce, Gary Milliman, Carolyn Milliman, and my husband.

It was a beautiful float celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Central Building to take place in 2015 (1915-2015).

We have formed a committee to plan a community-wide celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Central Building (blue building located in downtown Brookings). Everyone will be invited to participate in this celebration scheduled for February 28, 2015.

Mark your calendars and more details will become available.

Jennifer White


Proof reproof

This is a true story.

Next month I will be 68 years old. On Memorial Day, I went to a local store to buy some beer. I put it on the counter; she rang it up, and then asked me for my ID. I told her it was out in my truck. She said she couldn't sell me the beer without ID. The guy behind me started laughing then moved up and exclaimed, it's obvious he's old enough. ...

Mind you, I've been doing business for over 20 years there. She knows me. But her instructions from the state of Oregon are that no beer can be sold without ID.

I was embarrassed and couldn't even respond when the guy behind me suggested he buy my beer for me. He had ID. She couldn't find a reason not to sell it to him for me. So I got my beer.

Think about it. When I was younger, we'd find an older guy to buy us beer. Now that I'm old I have to have a younger guy buy me beer.

How come you don't need ID to vote? Huh?

Ain't government great?

Ron Bodman


GMOs, Nazis, Russia

Jackson and Josephine counties are to be congratulated for banning GMOs in their counties.

I would love to see GMOs banned right here in Curry County. What is good enough for Josephine and Jackson counties is good enough for us here in Curry County.

I don't trust crooked Republican politicians and John Kitzhaber to do the right thing on GMOs up in Salem, because they haven't so far.

Prince Charles recently compared Vladimir Putin to Adolph Hitler. How delightful! Especially when you consider that the son of Prince Charles once wore a Nazi uniform to a party.

When I se all this idiotic Russia bashing going on right now I think this must be 1954, not 2014.

I think that John Kerry does a great imitation of Joseph McCarthy, by the way.

Joe Thomas


Help for the shelter

Usually found in this column is "opinions." My letter is actually a question, about the Curry County citizens, and the Pennies For Pooches Animal Shelter (formerly known as Curry County Animal Shelter).

In a county the seems so filled with compassion and concern for our pets, why is it that the volunteerism for such a worthy cause is so drastically unfilled? The ever large number of dogs and the huge amount of shelter and care needed, is being done, as well as possible, by so very few.

The facility, which does so much for so many, and without any funding from the county, is so in need of dedicated volunteers. So often, all while caring for so many of the surrendered, lost and abandoned pets, the facility is being run by just one person, working so hard, dealing with so much.

If you know why so little help is currently being donated to this very worthwhile cause, please share with us. If you care, and are willing to dedicate your time, please contact the Shelter, and be part of a team that does so much, for so many, right here in Curry County.

Clayton Johnson

Gold Beach

Judge's thank you

I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all of the support and well wishes that I received during my re-election campaign.

I could not have done this without each and every one of you!

I love my job and am excited to get back to work for the citizens of Coos and Curry counties.

Very truly yours,

Cindi Beaman


Keep vet's O'NeAl

I am a disabled American veteran and I am mad as hell.

The young lady that has been our Veterans Service officer for the past two and a half years and has put her heart and soul into helping us wade through the government morass to get our earned benefits and has been doing a fantastic job for us, has been badgered and abused by one of the Curry County commissioners to the point she has resigned and is moving to Roseburg.

This young lady has done such a great job that she has justified $16.5 million in benefits for our veterans in the past year and $13,214,000 in the year before. Her thanks for her excellent performance is to be harassed and degraded by County Commissioner David Brock Smith with the approval of Commissioner David Itzen. I hope not one veteran voted to re-elect Itzen this time.

In addition, the man responsible for screwing up the organizing and funding of the VFW Fourth of July fireworks has been ridiculing and complaining about her job performance because he wants her job and Brock Smith and Itzen are apparently going along with him. I have yet to run into a veteran that has any confidence in this man's ability to be the Veterans Service officer.

The loss of Kimberly O'Neal as our Veterans Service officer is a tremendous blow to the morale and well-being of every veteran in Curry County. It's time to start a campaign to keep Kimberly and get rid of Brock Smith and Itzen. All they have done is drive the County further and further into debt.

Robert Dietz


Memorial reminder

I'd like to respond to S.J. Hyatt's letter (Pilot, May 28) whereby the writer suggests Memorial Day has been "... taken over by those who want to remind the nation that we have lost thousands of young people to war."

The writer suggests that, since we already have Veterans Day, Armed Forces Day and Independence Day we should use Memorial Day for remembering all loved ones, and, "...not allow it to slip off into another reminder of all the foolishness of killing and maiming our young people."

A quick history lesson for that writer. First, Memorial Day hasn't been "taken over" by anyone. While it was initially "Decoration Day," and commemorated the fallen in the Civil War, it was changed to "Memorial Day" in 1882 and was declared the official name by law in 1967; the law took official effect on the federal level in 1971. It is a day set aside to honor those who have given their lives in defense of our country.

Veterans Day was first introduced as Armistice Day, but was changed to Veterans Day in 1954 to honor American veterans, living and deceased, of all wars.

Armed Forces Day was enacted in 1949 to honor all military personnel for their patriotic service.

Independence Day commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from Britain.

Memorial Day is the only day set aside to honor those who have fallen while defending our country. It reminds us of their sacrifice.

If the writer fails to see this and is only reminded of the brutality of war each Memorial Day, I suggest the entire reason for the day has been lost to that person.

Mike Wiley


War, vets, education

Last month I pointed out how Curry County was for the most part a veteran friendly community.

My thoughts were reinforced over the Memorial Day festivities. We spent three days at the Brookings Harbor Garden Club flower show at the Grange. The theme of the show was honoring the veterans that lost their lives defending our freedom.

There are some "Americans" that say this somehow glorifies war. They are fortunately a tiny minority and can be ignored.

We cannot, however, ignore the actions of our Federal Government concerning the lack of proper medical care for our wounded warriors. Sadly, good men are dying waiting for their turn to see a doctor. This situation was terrible under the Bush Administration and when he was running, Obama promised he would set things right. Did he keep his promise?

Thanks to all the good folks at the garden club and the Pelican Bay Arts Association for having us at their events to sell raffle tickets for my handcrafted miniature yacht, the proceeds of which will benefit Oregon veterans in need.

Now, regarding the article about teachers quitting here. This is a nationwide phenomenon and their common complaint is "our profession no longer exists." Are children being taught or indoctrinated?

If you have a child in school I highly recommend that you get online and search "Common Core." Study both sides of the issue and decide if this is a good thing or some kind of an evil disaster.

Arthur Larason