The Curry Coastal Pilot

What is their plan?

The citizens have voted and they have decided to stay with the current board of commissioners.

Therefore, it has been seven months since they last proposed a property tax to solve our fiscal problems. What have they come up with to date, "Kick the Can Down The Road."

The board of commissioners has borrowed another $1,050,000 from the road fund, against the roadmaster's recommendation. They passed a budget that gives employees pay raises, added a new position to the board of commissioners office by adding an administrative assistant to the Economic Development Office. Gee, is this not exactly what two of the commissioners said would happen if the voters approved the Charter.

Additionally, they can no longer borrow money from the road fund after January 2016, without paying it back within the same fiscal year.

What is their plan? They know they are not going to receive any federal funds for FY 2015/2016. What services are they going to eliminate or how are they going to raise taxes to make up the 3- to 4-million dollars that they will need by July 1, 2015. When are they going to start to make these plans? Are they just going to get with the county accountant, create a new tax levy in 60 days, as they did with 8-71 and 8-73, and again ram it down our throats?

I am sorry that the voters did not want a professional team.

Terry Brayer,

Gold Beach

Prepare yourselves

Only five years ago Democrats were screaming from rooftops what a failed liar George W. Bush was.

Not only has this White House shut them up but it has made all those familiar names that I can still rattle off look like the most ridiculous fools ever. Where are you people now? You all better prepare yourself because it's just getting started.

Obamacare is falling deeper in trouble and if you don't agree please tell me where the 240 million dollars went that our fabulous Democratic governor lost! Our Veterans Administration (that sad T.V. ads want $19 a month for) is a tip of the iceberg of what's to happen with your healthcare if Obamacare kicks into high.

My life has been fulfilled. I'm 77 now and had a wonderful career playing 12 years of major league baseball, before big money.

I'm ready to meet my maker but you younger people and your children will have to deal with a waiting list and a doctor you don't know.

Good luck for a long health span during your later years because Obamacare is government-run and you will be the loser.

The press will now be forced to report the truth about Benghazi and the V.A., reporting it will be painful for them and you.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Are we listening?


At long last we hear from afar about Curry County's impoverished condition and our lack of responsibility for our lifestyle.

Not from our politicians, businesses, and citizenry, but from Oregon State Representative Carolyn Tomei (Curry Coastal Pilot, May 21, 2014). Ms. Tomei puts her finger directly on our problem with words of clarity you won't hear in Curry County. Quoting Ms. Tomei, "... let's not forget that voters in those districts have refused to pay for their own services. Their property tax rates are incredibly low. Instead, they want the people of the entire state, who already pay dearly for local services, to pay for rural services as well."

Not only have we refused to pay but, we want someone else to pay for our lifestyle. Would it be the Feds, the national forest, or the State that will step in to care and comfort us? Surely someone will come to our rescue.

Ms. Tomei once again, "Before the State shoulders additional costs to service these rural areas let us make sure that all local districts pay their fair share."

Are we listening?

We recently weathered another election campaign to hear the pols promise to cut this or cut that but no mention that we ourselves are responsible for our own actions.

Is Curry County listening?

Ed Gross