The Curry Coastal Pilot

Clean up the Rogue

This community is committed to keeping our rivers clean so we can protect and restore them for us - and future generations.

Less trash in and around rivers provides our communities with clean and safe places to walk, to run trails, and to paddle in clean waters. The recreational impacts that surround a clean river also provide our community with increased tourism, affecting both our economy and well-being. Participating in a river cleanup is one way that the people can do their part for the river we all love.

We all have a favorite river, whether it's the one you grew up on or the one where you spent your summers, learned how to fish, or taught your children to swim. Rivers connect us to each other, to nature, and to future generations. The Lower Rogue Watershed Council is dedicated to protecting the Rogue River, because a healthy community starts with a healthy river, and our river provides everything from clean drinking water to recreation opportunities to fish and wildlife habitat.

The Lower Rogue Watershed Council is organizing the river cleanup for Saturday, June 7, from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. to tackle litter in and around the Rogue River. Youth are currently signing up at Riley Creek and the GB High School. You can register ahead by contacting Kelly Timchak at / 541-247-2755 (4#), OR simply show up on June 7 to register at 9:30 a.m., at Jerry's Jet Boats.

Cleanups are great ways to meet your neighbors and get some fresh air too.


Kelly Timchak,

Lower Rogue Watershed Council

Shannon's KArma

Our beloved Karma-Dog went to Heaven on May 2, at the happy age of 15.

His need to go came suddenly, and left behind that emotional vacuum where it is difficult to breathe. We really did not dwell on "why," because we were completely assured by Dr., John that our releasing him was the kindest option.

It really is amazing how,sometimes, unasked questions still get answered. I now realize that Karma preceded my beloved friend Shannon Quinton on that heavenly path, so that he could joyfully greet her upon her arrival. In a purer dimension, they are now romping and laughing and hugging each other so lovingly that, somehow, we must all allow ourselves to absorb and enjoy that celestial "fallout" from their pristine union in a wonderful place.

I love you, Shannon. I love you, Karma. If I cannot have both of you physically with me every day any longer, I celebrate your being with each other now.

Marie Kirk


committee votes vote

The Curry County Republican Central Committee voted unanimously on a motion made by TV Skinner: "We support the right to elect Curry commissioners, county tax assessor, county treasurer, county clerk and county surveyor."

The Republican Central Committee welcomes all to attend monthly general meetings held the second Thursday of each month. The June meeting will be held June 12 at 6 p.m. at the Brookings Chetco library annex. Questions, call 541-469-3250.

Sandra Ensley


NAPA supports town

A recent letter submitted by Mr. Baumbach regarding his views on O'Reilly Auto Parts in Brookings is in no way endorsed by NAPA Auto Parts of Brookings.

At NAPA Auto Parts we are privately owned and operated for over five years in Brookings and support the community we serve. Part of owning and operating a business is having competition, which we welcome.

In no way do we feel Mr. Milliman, Brookings city manager, the Planning Commission, or any other local government did anything but their jobs.

Mr. Baumbach, if you are reading this, please leave NAPA Auto Parts out of any future commentary.

Dave and Gina


Grants Pass

Express yourself

How wonderful it is to live where we have rights to express our opinions, values and beliefs.

Thanks to the Pilot for printing them all, especially during this election. But, when is it enough; I think every opinion has been said a million times over. The best way to express how you believe and what you stand for is by going out to vote. I have to say I have voiced my opinion on many subjects, I guess I just did again!

Now to change the subject: I have to say how beautiful those hanging baskets of flowers that are in Brookings. Thank you to everyone who has made an effort to beautify the main street. It brightens up even the dullest of days or even the worst of moods. Thank you so much. Let's glorify the beauty of this little community. Also, new restaurants are coming to town so lets support them.

It is so nice to enjoy our life here. We missed so much running around, not having time to do anything but what we thought was our responsibility in helping a cause; now it is so nice to let it all go. I don't think I will ever go back to that life again.

I enjoy walking in the morning with my husband and two doggies and smiling and waving at people Life is good and life is only what we make it; it is our choice how we decide to live our lives for ourselves, not for anyone else.

Beverly Duncan


Stealing Services

I'm a new resident here in Brookings on May 2, 2014.

I've used the garbage services twice. Last week I didn't see my trash until after it was efficiently collected.

However, today I went shopping before the collection was made and found I had two additional plastic bags filled with plastic bottles, and lids not recyclable, overflowing in my recycle box, and were not mine.

I have found Brookings to be a charming, friendly town for my retirement, but today I was disappointed that someone would put in extra trash, for which I will be charged. I even moved my box and left the extra where it was. Somehow, the bags found their way back and left after collection. It's a CRIME called stealing services not rendered.

I'm pretty sure who did so was one of my neighbors and they have children. If they continue to add trash every week, the monthly charge will be about $24. It may seem like a small thing, but that's one fourth of my groceries for a month.

Why not get an additional box instead of stealing? I have no problem sharing if I have room, and I'm asked.

Be kind to your neighbors. I thought moving from my town (where they are not) would be different. Guess I'll see with time and can't help wondering what they're teaching their children?

Sharon Lehr