The Curry Coastal Pilot

It's rulers, not rule

I voted for the Home Rule initiative, not because I think it will solve all our problems, but it's a start.

The problem in Curry County, Oregon, and Washington, D.C., is our elected officials. No one in government is looking out for us. Greed, corruption, a desire for power, self interest and inefficiency are proper descriptions.

I, nor no one I know, want a war with anyone anywhere, but we are watching the collapse of the United States as the leading nation in the world.

Our leaders lie and are ineffective, our president is weak and incompetent. If you think I am wrong, keep voting for them. Or stand up and change things.

Clifton Siemens


Necessary change

This year marks my 20th anniversary working for city government.

My earlier experience as a civil engineering consultant exposed me to handfuls of cities and water agencies throughout southern California. Of the many agencies I have worked with, all have operated with one manager (or administrator) and five to seven elected officials.

The current structure of Curry County government is an anomaly of how most agencies and city governments operate. A vote of yes on Measure 8-76 will result in restructuring Curry County to a more effective leadership structure where one manager gives staff clear direction and guidance. The intent of Measure 8-76 is not to take away your right to vote, or to personally attack the current commissioners. Instead, it is to establish a clear chain of command and effective leadership structure that Curry County government needs.

If the city of Brookings was structured the same as Curry County, I cannot imagine it being effective.

This Measure involves change. I urge you to consider this change necessary. Vote yes on 8-76.

Loree Pryce, PE


Beaman serves

I fully support the Honorable Judge Cynthia Beaman for re-election as Circuit Court judge.

I've seen Judge Beaman at work in the courtroom for the past 16 years as she has fulfilled duties as an attorney and then judge. I have always been impressed with her dedication and professionalism in both capacities. She is capable and extremely knowledgeable.

I have appeared many times in court in front of Judge Beaman and have always found her to be fair and impartial. It's clear that she takes her oath of office seriously. She works hard to get her job done right. Her service within the judicial system is clearly more than just a job; it is her vocation and passion.

I have witnessed Judge Beaman's compassion and concern for the community through her work on the bench. It is apparent to me she cares about the people who appear before her. It is important for our judges to have such qualities.

Judge Beaman serves the community as a volunteer as well. I've personally observed her dedication to the youth of this community. She spends countless hours of her own personal time to provide opportunities for the kids in Curry County. Judge Beaman cares about the community. Judge Beaman cares about the people she serves.

Judge Beaman is honest, fair, impartial, compassionate and professional. These are all qualities we should expect from our judges.

Therefore, I hope you will join me in voting for the re-election of the Honorable Judge Cynthia Beaman as our Circuit Court judge.

Jeff Johnson


Community Care

I would like to share my personal experience with Judge Cynthia Beaman.

I have had the pleasure to work with her on numerous committees related to activities for all children and teenagers. She devotes a tremendous amount of time creating and organizing family fun nights at the elementary school, school carnivals, parent-teacher organization PTO, Brookings youth association, and Brookings United activities.

In all my years of working with her, she always has looked for ways to better our community and provide opportunities for all youth. Cynthia is honest, responsible, and a hard worker.

I am most impressed with the attention she has with her two young boys and husband. She is an extraordinary mother and wife.

We are so lucky to have her family as part of our community. Please join me by voting to re-elect Judge Cynthia Beaman.

Alice Farmer


Share the knowledge

Dear community members,

School is almost out and summer is on its way! As summer arrives the incredible K.A.S.P.E.R. (Kids After School Program of Education and Recreation) day camp begins!

This program runs from June 16 through July 31 this year, (Monday-Thursday), from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. We have nothing but fun activities planned for kids entering 1st through 6th grade!

Creativity abounds as we build domino rallies, learn to quilt, sing, create beautiful arts and crafts, put on plays, learn new games, and hopefully play some volleyball too! We also enjoy going on field trips at least once a week and having excellent guest speakers.

In this exciting program where we leave traditional studies behind and let our creative freedom reign, we need some of our talented community members to come and share their wealth of knowledge. Do you raise chickens for eggs? Do you enjoy painting landscapes at the ocean's edge? Do you like to put on drama productions? Have you been to a foreign land and want to share your adventure? Do you love to tell grand stories? Do you enjoy building, and might want to share this talent with kids to make such things as bird houses, or maybe soapbox derby-style cars?

We would love to have you join us for a small amount of your time in exchange for a lifetime of touching memories shared with great kids in our community! You have something valuable to share!

Marcy Kime K.A.S.P.E.R. director


Support Dave Itzen

I have known Dave Itzen for some time now and have found him to be honest, low key, hard working and dedicated to Curry County. In my opinion, it is rare to find an elected official that is honest. Also, Dave Itzen is a fellow OandC board member that is fighting to obtain more funding for Curry County and the other seventeen OandC counties that are struggling.

David is not in favor of home rule for Curry County and I agree. Why would, you want to give away your right to vote for the person of your choice for surveyor, clerk, assessor and treasurer?

Nearly 60 percent of Coos County voters said NO to home rule and a county administrator.

I support Dave Itzen for Curry County commissioner.

Robert "Bob" Main

Coos County


Experience counts

I am writing in support of Cynthia Beaman to continue to hold her position of Circuit Court Judge (15th District, Position 6).

She is the most honest hardworking women I know. She works tirelessly on many nonprofit organizations such as PTO for both the elementary school and the middle school here in Brookings. She has held positions on both the soccer and basketball boards. Cynthia is committed to her family, her community and her job.

Why put someone new in a position that she has help for many years and has done an amazing job. New is not always better.

Look at her track record and I'm sure if you do you will see that Cynthia Beaman is the only choice for Circuit Court judge. Change is not a good thing in this case. Experience, knowledge and commitment should count for something.

Vote Cynthia Beaman for Circuit Court judge 15th District position 6.

Donna Fleshman


Golf tournament

Saturday, May 17, is Armed Forces Day.

A great way to honor veterans and those who have served their country would be to participate in the Veterans Benefit Golf Tournament at Salmon Run golf course, hosted by the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 757. All golfers and hackers are welcome!

This will be a FUN two-person scramble with shotgun start at 9:30 a.m. Entry fee is $75 and includes green fees, cart, lunch, and tee prizes. We also have great raffle prizes which have been donated by various local businesses.

So please, come out and support our veterans! Raffle tickets and 50/50 tickets will be available for purchase beginning at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday at the golf course. Drawings will begin about 1 p.m., but you do not need to be present to win. To sign up for the tournament, or if you have any questions, you can call the Pro Shop at 541 469-4888 or Sam or Rita at 541 469-6443.

God Bless America - Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!

Sam Vitale, president, VVA Chapter 757


I stand behind her

I have known Judge Cynthia Beaman for 12 years.

In the time that I have known her, I have witnessed her volunteer countless hours to this community. I know that she has spent both time and money on projects such as recreational opportunities for our youth, educational projects for our schools, and has supported programs for those less fortunate. Judge Beaman takes pride in what her home has to offer, and works endlessly to ensure that we continue to expand in positive ways.

I choose to elect into office an individual that I know has a strong sense of community, a person who I know to be fair and impartial, who has integrity, and who has the experience and knowledge to uphold the governing laws and statutes. Judge Cynthia Beaman has demonstrated nothing less than this in her dedication to our County and its citizens, both inside the courtroom and out.

A vote to re-elect Judge Cynthia Beaman, is a vote I can stand behind!

Hollie Strahm


Several tin gods?

The hastily-written Measure 8-76 has serious oversights.

Failure to include a severability clause means, if any provision is found by a court to be invalid, the entire measure becomes invalid. 8-76 specifies that the three commissioners elected during a general election year, if there were five candidates, could each take office with only 21 percent (or less!) of the popular vote. What happened to our principles of democratic majority? In an emergency, the thought of having one, or two, or several, little tin gods running around is not pretty, but worse is that they won't even know what an emergency is, as 8-76 fails to even give an example, much less a definition.

The failure to elect a county clerk and treasurer violates the Oregon Constitution. It also has a strong odor of favoritism, since the sheriff remains elected, mixed with a palpable desire to have these officials working at the whim of the county administrator du jour. The probable reason: to make these officials regularly renegotiate their contracts, with the aim of continually reducing their salaries and benefits.

If you happen to believe that public employees do not deserve fair wages and pensions, think how well Walmart wages work for our Sheriff's Department: We hire recruits, send them to the academy, put them through their probation (all this on our dime), and they leave.

Finally: Why isn't there a copy of 8-76 in the voters' pamphlet? Why don't they want everybody who's registered to vote on it to read it?




Caps for kids call

This will be the 24th year that Caps for Kids volunteers are giving their time and talent to the children of Curry County.

Their work, from the heart, protects and warms the heads of the children during cold and windy winter months.

I will be taking over the job as coordinator that Lavonne Morrell had done for so many years. Lavonne has retired and I am going to try to fill her shoes.

I have patterns and yarn for any new or returning knitters and crocheters. We are asking everyone who knits or crochets to join us in making caps.

If anyone in the community who knits or crochets has retired their knitting needles, crochet hooks or yarn, we would be happy to take them off of your hands. Contact 541-251-3971.

Thank you.

Yvette Mostachetti, coordinator


Control have, do, say

Most people aren't aware of the gun laws attached to the Health Care Bill passed by a Democratic house under Nancy Pelosi.

These new laws are first steps to undermine the Second Amendment and establish gun control. They do nothing to disarm the criminal, but will help the criminal if the lawful public loses its right to bear arms and protect themselves.

Obama's administration wants the U.S. Senate to pass a gun control bill. If passed, President Obama will break a leg getting it over to the U.N.'s small arms treaty which is all about gun confiscation. Why does President Obama want control of what we have, what we do and say and especially how much more taxes we should pay?

Why aren't more people concerned with the coverups, scandals and corruption of this administration? Isn't it time to choose more truthful and honest candidates?

Lou Costa


Positive impact

I have known Cynthia Beaman for approximately 10 years and have worked with her in numerous community endeavors over that time.

Cynthia and I have served together on the Kalmiopsis and Azalea Parent Teacher Organizations, the Brookings Harbor Soccer League Board, and the Brookings Youth Athletic Basketball Board. Cynthia has dedicated countless hours to support our local youth activities. She's passionate about providing children with opportunities that she feels will impact them in a positive manner, understands the importance of education, and is focused on improving the lives of our local youth.

Judge Beaman brings school children into the courtroom to educate them on how our system of government works, specifically with regard to the judicial system. I have personally watched her explain to the children how our government, law enforcement agencies and judicial system work together.

Judge Beaman cares for our community. I know her to be an intelligent woman who uses her strengths to impact those around her in a positive way. She works diligently at her job as a judge, but also in her capacity as a mother and community advocate. Judge Beaman shows daily through her volunteer work that investing in the lives of the youth of our area will only strengthen our entire community for the future.

If you want a judge who strives to positively impact our community, then you should vote for Cynthia Beaman.

Chaulene Worthey


No success there

Mr. Bozack stated profoundly that "Cover Oregon" did not fail.

Riddle me this? Oregon officials spent $303,000,000 on Cover Oregon (KOBI NBC-5 News) and the website did not work one day in six months. Not to mention the $68,000,000 Oregon got from the federal government to advertise Obamacare-Cover Oregon That's $371,000,000,000 of our tax money. So Mr. Bozack thinks Cover Oregon was a success?

If the website did not work, neither did the back end. Back-end information gathered (or NOT gathered) from the website and sent to the insurance companies. It's true that a lot of Oregonians went to private insurance companies to avoid paying federal fines. That is true.

There is another fact that Mr. Bozack failed to mention. Oregon signed up for the extended Federal Medicaid program. And if our state is in line with the percentage nationally, we are in for a huge bill in four years. Because the feds are paying a fair share of the Medicaid cost the first year; the second year they pay a lot less; and the third year the feds pay almost nothing. The fourth year Oregon pays all the costs. And believe me there are a lot of people signing up for Medicaid, because it's free, except to us taxpayers.

Mr. Bozack failed to mention that our Governor Kitzhaber has launched a full investigation on this mess. Also one of our Congressional Senators is asking for a federal investigation into this mess!

Did Mr. Bozack mention what the premiums are? Did Mr. Bozack mention what the deductibles were? If it's anywhere near the national average premiums and deductibles went way up. Some states reported premiums and deductibles going up from 40 to 72 percent in 2014 alone (ABC Nightly News).

We have not had the large business nor corporations involved in the Obamacare yet. If this is a success to Mr. Bozack, I shudder to think what he views as a failure.

Andrew T. Ragan


Floating skating

Instead of opening another auto parts store, or restaurant andhellip;how about thinking "family" stuff to do.

It's boring for a lot of young people, me included. I love our beautiful town. But I love to roller skate, I love go-karts and watching families being families andhellip;

I know it's money andhellip;but Medford closed their skating rink, and Crescent City's rink has a limited time to be open. We use to have a rink here. If there isn't one in Medford ( I use to go there to skate), anywhere close by, why not here? It's family fun. I have two pairs of skates raring to be used andhellip;

When I was a kid in Redwood City, California, my mom had the great idea of all of us learning to skate. We did it on a family night. My mom and dad would skate right along with it - It was my brother and I and four cousins who lived with us andhellip; and we all took classes and did something fun together; no TV or cell phones. We skated once a week. I learned how to do basic dance on good old roller skates - yes, the fox trot and swing. I had the best timeandhellip;We need family stuff here in Brookings for good memories.

Just an idea from the dog lady. ...

Ede Viale


She's Most qualified

I encourage you to vote for Judge Cynthia L. Beaman.

She has strived to provide citizens with impartial enforcement of the laws of this state enacted by the Oregon Legislature. Her experience and knowledge was recognized by the governor when he appointed her to the position in 2007, and again by the voters when they elected her in 2008.

Judge Beaman was licensed to practice law in both California and Oregon in 1998, and began a law practice in Brookings, Oregon, handling criminal cases appointed by the public defender's office, together with domestic and civil cases. Curry County's largest case load is criminal cases, heard daily, for which a judge must have a vast knowledge of criminal law and jury trial experience, together with hearing juvenile, domestic, probate, civil, small claims and FED's. She has proven her fairness, dedication, knowledge and skill.

I had the privilege of becoming acquainted with Judge Beaman in 1998 while in the district attorney's office, and since 2007, I have had the pleasure of working as her judicial assistant. I can attest to her commitment, dedication, honesty, and fairness in handling the cases that come before her.

She is an active member of the community who devotes many hours for youth activities and gives encouragement and hope to all youth.

Please join me in voting for the most qualified candidate, Cynthia L. Beaman.

Linda Backman