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Vote charter, huxley

I agree 100 percent with Ralph Martin's letter on our county government: "Inefficient, top-heavy."

Everyone is familiar with "The U.S. has the finest government money can buy." I am not suggesting that our commissioners accept rewards for applying their political influence, but their record of pay raises and benefits hardly qualifies them as disinterested; these are well paid positions.

I believe that all politicians, and particularly local ones, should be remunerated on an expenses-only basis. This would help to ensure that only those interested in the wellbeing of the people they serve would be attracted to the positions. This works very well for our cities. Extrapolating this to all levels of government could attract candidates who were not influenced by the lobbyist's pocketbook.

I accept that the budget savings should 8-76 pass would make no difference to Curry County's financial status. I believe that the loss of the right to vote for such positions as clerk, assessor treasurer and surveyor would make no difference; I am happy to allow a professional manager to appoint candidates on experience qualifications.

I back your final comment, Ralph - Vote for the Charter and Tom Huxley for commissioner.

Roger Mitchell


Sound like success?

It always amazes me the spin that progressives/liberals/Democrats/socialists/leftists put on their failed programs to convenience others that it really was a success (i.e. Cover Oregon) and it would have been a much larger success if not for Fox News.

Assuming that 300,000 people signed up (how many paid and how many are covered is unknown) at a cost of $248,000,000 to the taxpayers equals a cost over $8,000 per person. Does this sound like a success to you?

It appears their definition of success is: # $ spent = amount of success! The more you spend, the more successful you are! What a great concept!

No wonder we are such a great nation: Just look at our National Debt!

Allan W. Stewart


A job worth doing

I have been hesitant to weigh in on the proposed Home Rule Measure 8-76 on the ballot.

Influences by tons of hyperbole makes the decision much harder. Which side is shouting the loudest or has the biggest signs. Who do you believe, what is the best course of action, does this Charter fix problems or offer solutions?

Philosophically, I think Charter forms of government can be advantageous allowing for more local control over the affairs of your government. Disadvantages are the potential for many changes to get the charter "just right" which requires a vote of the people for each change, this could be time-consuming and costly and could result in government instability.

The timing of the measure is my biggest concern. There has been a lot of movement by several counties, including Curry, to change important legislative issues which could bring relief to distressed counties. This requires dedicated commissioners to make sure our county is at the table during these discussions so that our voice is heard loud and clear.

I am having a hard time believing that volunteer commissioners will be fully engaged about the issues and proposals being brought to the state, be willing or able to travel continuously to be at these legislative sessions, and to spend the time necessary to engage the support of citizens and districts as we move forward.

County commissioners should be dedicated to their duties. Dedication isn't necessarily contingent upon a paycheck, but the willingness to work hard for the citizens, and put in the time to do what's best for the county.

Being a commissioner in Curry County is a job, and it's a job worth doing. I will vote 'No' on Measure 8-76.

Susan Brown

Curry County


Gold Beach